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OTT Marketing Strategy | Boost Engagement & Increase Revenue

Ankit Jena Published on : 30 December 2021
OTT marketing strategy


  • The OTT market is witnessing a massive hike and is going to cover a big-time success in the near future. As a result, there has been constant competition for client acquisition. With digital conversion, marketing has forayed in different angles like social media marketing, digital marketing/OTT advertising. To be successful in the OTT business, it is essential to invest in each modern advertising channel. 

  • According to research – Around, 35% of the marketers have implemented digital marketing plans into their overall business marketing strategy. 18 % have a separate digital marketing strategy that is not included in their marketing plan. Shockingly, the remaining 47 % are just clueless about the existence of digital marketing strategy.


What is an OTT marketing strategy?

OTT marketing strategy


  • Marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan made based on marketplace research. Some of the prime aspects which should be taken into consideration while developing the strategies are- who are your targeted audience, what is your competition offering, what is the latest market need, and how to pitch the customer for buying your product/service. 
  • Once the business decides and implements the right marketing strategy, nothing can stop it from achieving the desired result.


Here is the brief guide on the most suitable OTT strategies optimized for Over The Top businesses-


Top 5 OTT marketing strategies to help OTT business achieve desired lead engagement and revenue-


1- First do your targeted audience research-


OTT marketing strategy


  • Before landing into the OTT market competition, it is always recommended to do proper marketing research on who your target audience is. There are a number of OTT apps and websites with fabulous content, but still struggling for viewership! Yes, it happens when the OTT business has not planned the content marketing customized towards the viewers. 
  • Collecting data from your existing user base or conducting surveys/feedback from the targeted viewer groups can help in determining the interest areas and developing engaging content that is bound to attract the viewers’ attention. This data can guide you in considering partnering with an influencer and implementing influencer marketing strategies for reaching a wider audience.


Also, read how data analytics can help OTT in marketing: Data Analytics for your OTT Streaming Business


2- Having your own OTT website can help in building viewers’ trust over the business and achieve targeted subscriptions-


OTT marketing strategy


In the digital advertisement era, it becomes essential to have your own OTT website template to set your brand presence. By having an OTT website, your business will benefit in many ways-

  • Users’ who are interested in your OTT platform can browse your website and get to know what content you are offering.
  • It helps in building user trust and provides a face to your business, which is most essential for customer acquisition.
  • When you have an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly UI in your website, it drives targeted website traffic and subscriptions as well.


3- Smooth Signup and easy navigation-


OTT marketing strategy


The user onboarding process plays a vital role in user conversion. If users’ have a smooth onboarding process without any hassles, it automatically builds a good impression of the business. 

The second important thing is to give easy navigation to the viewers so that they don’t have to struggle while reaching out to their desired content. User interface/user experience plays a big role in getting the user subscriptions.


4- Eventful, informative & engaging push notifications can do wonders-


OTT marketing strategy


  • Notification can be the best way to inform your viewers about the new content addition, platform updates, or any changes in the subscription plans.

  • AI-based personalized recommendations/ featured content, notification gives a clear glimpse of your offer and is proven to get the most clicks and navigation as compared to OTT platforms who are still out of the notification idea.


5- Social promotions create engagement in no time-

OTT marketing strategy


Let’s assume a scenario, where your user has not opened your app/ visited your website in a while. But he is a regular user of social media platforms, let’s say Instagram and the OTT platform have an Instagram official account and is posting all the details about the upcoming series, films, podcasts, etc on that account. Then 90% chances are there that the user will view the same posts and will develop an eagerness to go to your app/website and check out the new content. This drives user engagement and eventually leads to subscriptions.


Final thoughts-

  • Now that you have gone through the brief guide on the OTT marketing strategies to increase OTT business revenue, I am sure you have already developed a vision for what to do next.

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  • You can take a free trial of Muvi One and can experience the excellent customized services delivered by Muvi. 

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OTT marketing strategy


Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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