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Video Conversion Rate – How to Generate and Convert Leads with Videos?

Ankit Jena Published on : 07 December 2022

A Video’s conversion rate is higher than any other content format. As competition gets tougher day by day, one needs to put in maximum efforts on finding and converting new leads into a loyal customer. Building awesome video content and publishing them on your website, application and social media platform can help you build an audience base.

Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools and can help you reach your potential audience effectively. The corporate video production industry is buzzing with content about video marketing and how it is going to become the new driver of lead generation.

What is Video Lead Conversion?

Video lead conversion is the process of generating leads, gathering information about them, and converting them into active paying customers. By gathering information from interested consumers helps you market your product and convert them to grow your business. Video improves the trust between consumers as well as business, thus is essentially one of the biggest lead generation tools.


Video Conversion Rate


What are different types of videos used for generating leads?

There are different types of videos used for generating leads. We have discussed the 5 top styles of videos that can help your business generate and convert leads with videos.


Product Video

A Product video helps businesses share complete information about the specific product. It includes features, how it works, how it can solve consumer’s problems and many more! Product video helps your consumers get a clear description of your product and tips to use it. It gives a better understanding of the product and highlights the ultimate benefits to customers. Product videos are great to boost engagement and help businesses to stand out from the crowd.


Brand Video

A brand video shares the story about the business including who you are and what you do.  It helps businesses to share brand values and focus on the business core values. Offering consumers an insight to the success story of your brand will attract them to know more about your business. It is also a great way to boost customer trust, and allow you to improve the chance of them giving you leads.



Happy and satisfied customers are a powerful marketing tool. Utilizing previous consumers’ positive experiences as well as reviews can pique potential consumers’ curiosity and earn their trust.


FAQ Videos

Shoppers or consumers usually have numerous queries when learning about new products or other services. FAQ videos provide a great opportunity to enhance engagement by answering the most popular queries and brag about your fantastic product.


Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are a great way to educate consumers about your products. It might include how to use them, and what problem your product or service can solve. If you are offering something consumers need, they will be inclined to share information.


How to Generate Leads from a video?


Email gates

If you are providing valuable content like helping people how to solve an issue using your product or service, or how to accomplish some tasks using your offering, consider requiring the audience to share their contact details like email and phone numbers to gain access to the media. In exchange for the contact information, you can offer them the education from a subject matter expert.


Landing Pages

Embedding videos on your landing pages adds value to your website and provides an enhanced consumer experience. Landing page videos allow your audience to learn more about your brand as well as products or offerings. Landing page videos improves video conversion rates and 86% of the video marketer say that video has augmented traffic to their website. Usually, landing page videos should be shorter in length and should include clear messaging about your product or service. Embedding a contact form near your landing page videos and those engaging with your content will become a valuable lead.


In-video lead/contact forms

An alternate to using video to boost landing page conversion is embedding your lead generation directly from the video. There are several methods to do this, we at Muvi, offer tools to enable this. And the best method is to integrate your forms with your CRM tool. It is an ideal option because it’s instant and direct. You will not lose possible leads as they move around your website or other channels.  


Social Sharing

If your brand is active on several social media platforms, you can utilize videos to redirect social media users to sign-up forms or your website. A video on your social media platform will draw people’s attention and help boost brand awareness. Social media platforms provide a great method to convert visitors into consumers. Social media sharing build strong credibility with your audience and compels viewers to take action. Audience reach, brand exposure and content shareability have virtually no limits on social media, so using social media to share video of your business is an outstanding method to appeal to the masses.


Video Cards

A Video Card is a small video player that allows businesses to upload content and send them out to prospects. It is an outstanding method to educate potential consumers. It also helps build trust to influence buying decisions from your target audience. Video cards have increased conversion rate and thus help in better lead generation.


All Set to Generate Leads with Videos?

If you are striving to scale your business, you must emphasize the most on generating leads. Videos provide a great way to bring in more potential leads and convert them into active paying customers. Start generating some leads with Muvi Flex today!


About Muvi Flex

Muvi Flex helps you deliver great video experiences to your end-users instantly! It provides the simplest and fastest method to deliver video and audio experiences on your websites, applications as well as social media platforms. Muvi Flex is a comprehensive video and audio streaming solution that helps you store, manage, and share media assets and share them on your website or other platforms. It helps you publish video directly on your social media platforms with just one click. It allows you to categorize audio and video content and assign tags for each for easy access. Take a free trial to learn more about our features and offerings!


Video Conversion Rate

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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