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Video Engagement – Parameters that you Must Not Overlook

Ankit Jena Published on : 07 November 2022
video engagement


Video consumption is on rise and millions of contents are being watched daily by a variety of audiences. Video is still leading among all types of content formats. One thing that content distributors must take care of is video engagement. In this highly cutthroat competition, you need to produce engaging video contents. Calculating the level of audience engagement is key in the future marketing strategy particularly in the marketing game. Knowing the needs and demands of the audience will make it easy to scale up your business and this is only possible by measuring and improving your performance.  


What is Video Engagement?

Video engagement is the number of people that come to watch and interact with the video engagement using your video streaming platform. It comprises different aspects such as viewer attention, increased interest, and strengths and weaknesses of a video content. Over 87% of the businesses are utilizing videos for internal and external communication. Furthermore, 74% of marketers have stated in a recent survey that videos are highly effective at generating leads than any other formats of contents. In simple terms, video engagement is all about using your video streaming platform to boost audience attention and interests.

Engagement is the major factor that determines the number of viewers you will retain from videos they watch and how many viewers will both stick around to watch your content from the starting and do not leave the video in the middle. Higher engagement signifies the efficiency of a video. It is a measurable quantity that you can look upon to build a better video strategy and boost the quality as well as performance of the future videos.


Video Engagement


2 most fundamental measures of a video’s efficiency and audience engagement are:

  • Views – The most basic metric that helps you know how many people have watched your videos.
  • Shares – This metric tells you about how many people have watched your video and shared it with others.


Impact of videos on overall engagement

According to a report by Forbes, 83% of the consumers would share a video with their friends if it matches their interests. 9 out of 10 people would love to watch video content from their preferred brands. People are highly influenced in making their purchase decision through the explainer and educational videos featuring products. Lastly, if your product is well-covered by other content creators, it could improve your sales through brand awareness.


Parameters that affect video engagement  



Quality of a video is one of the most important aspects that helps increase video engagement. If you are a brand owner, representing high quality video will make sure you get the highest engagement on a video. Ensure you are capturing videos with the best quality camera that is appropriate to produce enterprise-grade video contents and consider adding some polish like light graphics and titles. Audience will more probably take your videos seriously.


Length or time

In some scenarios the audience will watch up to an hour of online content unless you are generating entertainment, talk shows, or analysis, it is best to respect your audience. There are also more than a few indicators that videos over five minutes in length get an average of 60% of engagement whereas 1-to-4-minute videos average around 71 to 72% engagement.



Audio is also one of the significant engagement factors in videos. Audience might somehow forgive the video quality but poor audio can be the major reason people stop watching or listening to your content. It is also a prime reason people drop out from a live virtual event. On the other hand, it is probable that the viewers will not be able to watch a video along with the audio and hence mute the video. Take care of the quality of audio in your video content.



Relevance is the major parameter that affects the engagement of a video. Engagement drops from the very beginning of the video if the video is not relevant to your audience. This insists them to quickly stop watching the video after the title screen. Make videos that are relevant to your audience group which they can further share with the friend circle.


Hacks to improve video engagement

Audience data can empower you with the insights that you need to elevate your content and attain maximum engagement on your videos. What should you do after getting an analytics report of your video’s performance? Here are some tips that you can use to boost engagement:  

  • Re-edit your video and make the video direct-to-the-point and cut the unnecessary parts
  • Change the CTA positioning
  • Update the script
  • Create a new intro or outro
  • Focus on the subjects that are relevant to your audience
  • Solve the issue of audio and try adding subtitles
  • Try out creative video format




An actual video engagement strategy will include publishing videos that will give you increased viewer interest, hold attention, and make your audience watch the video till last along with that share the same with their friends. In live videos, you can include chat boxes, Q&A tabs, polls, emoji reactions, and other features that help you keep engagement high during a presentation. Analytics and reports can help you curate a great strategy to attain utmost engagement on your videos.

Muvi One Analytics and reports helps you discover the real performance of your videos and continuously improve your video’s performance. You can easily find out which content is driving more views and stickiness for your platform, higher engagement, and more transaction or revenue to your business. Take a free trial to learn more about how Muvi’s analytics and reports help boost video engagement.


Video Engagement

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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