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Video Hosting Solution – A 2022 Essential Business Resource

Aditya Nayak Published on : 31 December 2021


In the age of instant gratification, where food orders reach in a jiffy, the internet connects in a zap, GIFs have taken place for elaborate write-ups or even short duration videos, it is high time businesses start adapting to videos to convey and conduct. With a smartphone in every hand, the appeal has already reached the masses, it is hence of high importance that Video sets the new tone of delivering msgs. Video can further fortify the messaging we want to achieve with our audience. 

Now that it’s established that video should be a part of your marketing resource, where to showcase them to your end customer is the next discussion point. We know that engaging target customers with video files sent to them over traditional marketing channels like email etc is not a viable option anymore. Issues with file size and codec compatibility cut through the effort made way too easily. If your solution to this is diverting interested traffic to your webpage where you upload all your videos, then you will have to deal with the file size issues and incur additional costs by investing in dedicated server space and storage. However, now your problems with slow web page speed will crop up, let alone the issue of encoding.

The easiest solution to all these woes is opting for a 3rd party ‘Video Hosting or ‘Video Hosting-As-A-Service’ platform.

With this blog, we intend to touch upon video hosting solutions and why is it one of the most essential resources for your business in 2022.  


Let’s start with the basics, what is online video hosting?

Online video hosting is a process of uploading your video to a service that makes your videos available across the web, on compatible devices to millions of people worldwide. A platform like Youtube is one such example of an online video hosting platform.

Such a platform acts as a virtual data room which ensures a smooth interface for uploading and tracking the consumption of videos for operational purposes. Videos reach viewers with good latency and viewing happens in better quality. A win-win situation.




Let’s look at some advantages of a professional Video Hosting service provider


1. Centralized Control with one dashboard feature

The benefit of online video hosting with a centralized dashboard is that it pushes your videos to all channels intended from one place. As a result, you can provide your audience with the best possible experience by distributing your content across channels and geographies using minimal effort and time. Being in control of your content is always a plus point as it makes sticking to a strategy possible.


2. Need for a no-hiccup scalable platform

In 2022, after the world got locked inside the four walls of respective abodes, it became essential for customer support processes to function on double time. Customers now spend more time engaging, interacting and the usual load on video viewing platforms have seen a steady increase, which all resulted in issues of lagging, website crash and more. All of these are clear indicators of why a video hosting solution with robust scalability is the need of the hour. 

A hosting platform taken for free of cost does not include options to scale, nor does it give you access to niche/strategic data after facilitating the rush. In another word, it is a huge miss out on your part if you cannot capture data of such a rush, not provide support to incoming customers or do not even have support for yourself, to run the show. A video hosting service touches all of these pain points and more, making it a worthy service to invest in. 


3. Collaboration

Professional video hosting services also help you segregate your audience and solicit comments as per your wish, in other words, it helps you moderate your content and engagement garnered on the video content. Content reviews and approval control from the backend helps the operations to avoid spamming/spammers and let genuine engagers use the healthy space to engage freely. It is very important from a consumer perspective to have a well-functioning engagement space as voicing out opinions, suggestions and giving advice and engaging with other users come naturally to consumers. A well-moderated forum encourages more loyal subscribers, as a fact.


4. Branding

No matter how hard you try to brand yourself on free hosting platforms like YouTube, you cannot altogether remove the branding of the concerned medium. Your audience will watch your content but will always have the brand of the platform in mind more than yours. With white-labelled hosting services, however, your brand gets all the focus. Good player configuration, your brand gets the recognition, good recommendations, it’s your that brand gets the recall, so on and so forth. 


5. Goal focused Operations

Popular video hosting platforms like YouTube mainly attain their revenue targets by bombarding users with the ads placed throughout the video, sometimes unskippable ads, ads that run for long duration and more. The negative experience that this particular style of advertising creates in content viewing is irreparable. Content consumers directly relate such experiences with the video concerned. Moreover, it doesn’t help or encourage users to sign up for your business, let alone sign up, content consumers don’t even end up watching your entire content. Setting up a paid video hosting service takes away this worry right away. With moderation at your hand, it is you and your strategy which decides what to show your target customer when. Thereby, seeing an exponential rise in positive impression gathering and footfalls on your platform. 


Where do I start?

If this question is on your mind after reading this blog, we are glad that you are at the right place. We at Muvi, are proud to present Muvi Flex, one of the pioneers of white-labelled video hosting services complete with advanced customer touchpoint encouraging features and analytics. 

With Muvi Flex you get to deploy and showcase your videos with ultra-low latency and high quality to your viewers. Not sure of our mettle? Go for a 14-day-free trial and explore the possibilities with us. We will be more than happy to help you set up and push you on the road to increased ROIs, viewers and complete service satisfaction. 

 Your 14 Day FREE TRIAL awaits you! CLICK NOW


muvi flex free trial

Written by: Aditya Nayak

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