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Netflix : Can The Streaming Major Change The OTT Game In India? 12 February 2016

In the beginning of January, the news of Netflix launching its operations in India has hogged on some serious limelight. This launch is part of a global announcement that saw Netflix being simultaneously launched in over 130 countries. However, its India launch got a lot of dynamics and pundits worked up. Netflix : The Story …

Live Streaming: Resurrecting The Phenomenon For Bigger Audience Growth 10 February 2016

NBC recently scored the highest-rated Democratic debate since October, pulling in more than 10 million viewers. CBS scored with more than 43 million viewers for the Jan. 17 Broncos-Steelers matchup, the highest-rated AFC divisional playoff game in the last 21 years. Nearly 10 million people tuned into the final season premiere of PBS drama Downton Abbey. Bottom line? The …

What Will Drive VOD In India In 2016? 20 January 2016

The market today for Video On Demand is huge and always expanding. In fact, the boost to the potential for online content viewing comes from factors such as widespread Smartphone penetration, launch of better connectivity options and demand for variety in content. These factors will also be responsible in driving the online VOD industry in …

Demand For Video Streaming Services Is Up, But How? 08 January 2016

Think people have binged enough? No? Just like the rest of the world. For a fact, entertainment has grown to account for more than 70% of peak Internet traffic, up from 69% earlier this year and 64% during the first half of 2014, as per the latest report from Sandvine. Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video and Hulu …

5 Tips For Success For SVOD Services 21 December 2015

By the end of 2015, the SVOD market is set to reach 161 million homes as per a recent report from Research and Markets. If we look at their predictions for forthcoming years, the growth is even more apparent. By 2020, this figure will reach 306 million, with a revenue of $26,794 million; a more …

Growth Hack : Working Out Content Rights & Release Windows 14 December 2015

Distributors have to now take cue from the success of VOD services who have helped brought premium content in short windows to the audiences and have clarity of thought on shortening all release windows. The lesser time they take, the more interested the audience is.

Why All Video Streaming Services Need A Roku App 09 December 2015

ISKCON recently launched its video streaming services and within a month of launching the platform, the launch of its Roku App was announced. For a platform targeting mostly the family audience, an app on a Roku device was a no-brainer.

Smart TV : Big Screen And A Big Player In The Smart Future 03 December 2015

With Muvi Studio’s video streaming platform, you now have access to an array of mobile, OTT boxes, tablets and Smart TV apps. Be it Roku or your Samsung Smart TV or an Android TV, having your service made in to an app for any of these platforms is just a subscription away.

Live Streaming In Virtual Reality: Killer Tech or Damp Squib? 25 November 2015

VOD services like Hulu and Netflix have begun producing TV content for VR-equipped viewers. Intriguingly, the push for this came from TV networks! This may just be the storytelling tool we’d all been waiting for. There’s also a distinct possibility that it may not be.

Video Monetization Beyond YouTube : 4 Things To Watch Out For 18 November 2015

For much of the time, YouTube has been the numero uno source for video monetization. Most of us have never even bothered looking beyond it and have been happy with YouTube because we probably thought that is the best we can get. How wrong were we?

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