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Muvi in 2021: Year In Review

Pradeep Published on : 29 December 2021
Muvi 2021 Year in review


Happy new year!


Each passing year is a blessing after 2020. In 2021, the world saw its reign change hands from anytime-anywhere to  the four walls of home. The pause however brought with it new opportunities of growth for many sectors of business, all around. The entertainment industry too saw a 360 degree turn in how material was broadcasted and consumed. The turn almost marked the start of the OTT reign with not only entertainment, but also infotainment, education, and live events boarding the bandwagon to success. It paved the way for new talent, opened the window for international entertainment to shine and has since been helping the world go one, with multi-device entertainment at its base. 

2021 also marked the year of innovations. New products and services to support the new lifestyle, new software to help businesses deal with the world online marked the entire calendar. We at Muvi didn’t just follow the transition, we brought about benchmark updates and innovations in our product (25 major core feature changes, plus tons of minor changes), and came up with robust new solutions (like Tattle, Koviare) to add to the ecosystem. 

We are absolutely thrilled to compile and share with everyone, the major feature changes across our 5 products – Muvi One, Muvi Flex, Muvi Live, Aie & Muvi Billing marking the year 2021.

25 Features of `21

  1. Muvi One launched Partner Portal for admins to allow their content partners to upload and manage content.
  2. Alie is now equipped to generate product recommendations for guest users with Browser Cookies.
  1. Muvi One launched the Encoding Profiles feature to customize video encoding and transcoding with multiple profiles.
  2. Muvi Billing introduced a feature to add your preferred gateway. Muvi Billing already supports 17+ payment options out-of-the-box.
  1. Muvi One launched a User-generated Content feature that allows end-users to upload content on the platform.
  2. Muvi Flex launched an HTML5-based online video player to offer the best streaming experience to the audience.
  1. Muvi One launched the Skip Intro feature in the player for admins to set up the intro part and allow users to skip it.
  2. Muvi Live released the revamped versions of the Muvi Live mobile app for Android and iOS.
  3. Alie introduced Algorithms that Power Personalized Recommendations with Alie.
  1. Muvi One launched a Taxation feature to define taxes by states/countries, users can now get the taxed invoices, and generate revenue reports including taxes.
  2. Muvi Live supported the Recording of Live Streams and storing them as on-demand content.
  1. Muvi Flex offered Built-in CDN to deliver a buffer-free streaming experience to the audience.
  2. Muvi Live launched Live streaming from the nearest server for buffer-free streaming and supports live streaming of third-party feeds.
  3. Muvi Billing introduced Carrier Billing feature – Charge Payments directly to your User’s Phone bill.
  1. Muvi One announced Zoom Integration to host and monetize online meetings on websites and apps.
  2. Alie launched a feature called customized recommendations – Use in-built filters to show Accurate & Customized Recommendations.
  1. Muvi One became the first OTT platform to launch a Marketplace and offered End-to-end live streaming via Muvi Live extension.
  2. Muvi Flex launched a Social Publishing feature, allowing you to publish content on social media platforms directly from the CMS.
  1. Muvi One released the Bring Your Own Ad server (BYOA) feature, allowing you to integrate your preferred ad server and run ads.
  2. Learn what are Ideal placements for recommendations on your website or app? Find answers here.
  1. Muvi Live launched Digital Rights Management (DRM) feature to protect live streams from piracy and illegal access.
  1. Muvi One launched a Windows Desktop application in addition to 14+ app offerings, allowing admins to launch Windows app in less than 24 hours.
  2. Alie Introduced Advanced Analytics & Insights – Track and report, how your recommendations are engaging with end-users.
  1. Muvi One launched Ad-Supported Subscription Plans and launched Subscription Monetization Access for Content Partners to allow content partners to create subscription plans.
  2. Muvi Billing introduced Subscriber Retention feature – Smart Retries, Expired Card Management, Intelligent Reports, etc.



How has been your 2021?

 It went in deciding which platform to choose or it went in picking up a dev team to execute your dream? 

It’s time! 

Let 2022 mark the start of your own streaming service without any coding efforts!

 We at Muvi are waiting to help you take the first step and every other step that you take after, while you concentrate on what you do best – creating/marketing/owning content.

Explore Muvi Now

Go for it. Together, let’s make 2022 a year to look back in awe! 

Written by: Pradeep

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