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4 Reasons Why Broadcast TV Would Be Dead By 2030 03 December 2014

Reed Hastings pronouncement that broadcast TV will last only 14 years sounds absurd. However here we have listed down 4 major points that would strengthen Hastings claims.

Point 1: A generation raised without broadcast television – Today, children are growing up without the restrictions of a broadcast schedule. Apps like Watch Disney allow kids to connect with and watch their shows whenever they want. Netflix has a kids zone which does the same thing. All those kids with tablets and smartphones likely never encounter traditional broadcast TV at all.

Point 2: Personalization – Broadcast channels cater to the mass market. Media services rely on data about the viewer to provide a customized experience. SVOD providers are already working on a model where users themselves would be able to create customized channels.

Point 3: Syndication model changing – Big streaming companies like Netflix and Amazon have helped increase the value of shows in syndication by making that extra effort to obtain exclusive license. They also make all episodes of a show available without advertising to subscribers. Who wouldn’t chose to watch ad-free in an SVOD library rather than on broadcast television?

Point 4: Affiliate model under pressure – Broadcasters are working hard to support the affiliate model in the online world. Apps like Watch ABC and CBS All Access transfer a viewer to their local affiliate to watch live television.

As viewers are increasingly opting for the convenience of on-demand viewing, will anyone bother to watch a live broadcast stream online when they can watch the shows they want immediately in SVOD libraries? Are you looking to go online? We at Muvi Studio help video content owners monetise their content by offering various tools including which helps you launch your own Video streaming Site at ZERO Cost and in a couple of hours.

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