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40% UK Internet Users watch VoD Content on daily basis. 12 July 2016

As the subscriber base of SVoD services continues to grow (9 million subscriptions in the UK, 91 million subscriptions in the US), social video platform YouTube still enjoys the biggest share of viewers in the UK, whilst subscription service Netflix takes the top slot in the US. Across the 10 countries in the research, 46 per cent watched YouTube in the last month, with Netflix at 19 per cent, according to Ampere Analysis.

In the UK, computers (74 per cent) are the most popular secondary viewing device for those who watch VoD on a TV screen, followed by smartphone (59 per cent) and tablet coming in last (56 per cent). In the US, 82 per cent of people who watch on their TV screen also view on a computer, 68 per cent on a smartphone, and 61 per cent on a tablet.

Nearly 40 per cent of UK and nearly 50 per cent of US internet users watch VoD on a daily basis, with the bulk of viewing focused on the TV screen. Two thirds of daily VoD viewers in the US and UK watch daily on a TV set, either through a smart TV or via devices like Apple TV or Roku.

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