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Connected TV Viewing Rises Sharply, Marketer Engagement Does Not 01 September 2015

TV Advertising


Although connected TV/over-the-top viewing is sharply climbing, engagement in advertising on connected TV/OTT platforms is low. An Association of National Advertisers/BrightLine survey says one in five — 22% — “engaged” in connected TV/OTT Video advertising over the past year. “Lack of familiarity” was the main reason for those not currently engaged. The time frame for engagement in ads seems more murky: 13% intend to engage in connected TV advertising over the next year, while 59% are unsure.

Still, viewing of over-the-top streaming devices on connected TV sets is rising precipitously — 380% in the first quarter of this year over the year before. The June 2015 study of ANA members included 215 client-side marketers — 51% who are “senior marketers” and 49% who are “junior marketers” with on average 15 years of experience in marketing.

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