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Cord Cutters lean towards Netflix 07 July 2017


As reported by ComScore in April, the most popular streaming platform among cord cutters is Netflix with 75% of over-the-top enabled households subscribing to the SVOD service.

As per the new data from ComScore, although Netflix is still the king among OTT viewers, Hulu is keeping viewers more engaged. MarketingCharts shared ComScore’s latest update that the average “viewing day” for a typical Hulu household consists of more than half-hour of additional watch time as compared to homes that have Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime.
Hulu is driving more engagement at a per OTT-enabled user level.
The report suggests that the average Hulu session lasted for 2.9 ”hours per household per viewing day” that put Hulu ahead of Netflix (2.2 hours), YouTube (2.1 hours) and Amazon Prime (2 hours). Read More

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