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How can OTT platforms succeed: NAB 2016 19 April 2016

Online video experts at Monday’s NAB Show panel gave out pointers on the timing of getting into OTT. One big revelation is that knowing the audience is most important, and being flexible enough to change directions as technologies keep changing rapidly. “Never plan out more than six months,” said Braxton Jarrett, general manager of IBM Cloud Video Services Unit & CEO of Clearleap. Easy to use like Netflix is a simple advantage for video streaming platforms. According to Roku’s Andrew Ferrone, top content, simple to use application and excellent promotion are required for OTT platforms to be competitive.

Arlen Marmel, VP of marketing and distribution for Ellation (Chernin Group/AT&T’s) explained in 2 good questions that sums it up – “Do you mean something to your audience?” and “Would people wear a t-shirt with your brand on it?”

Source: Broadcasting Cable




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