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Leaders From Hulu, AOL and MLB Advanced Speak Up On OTT Future 30 September 2015


There’s no crystal ball to reveal the future of OTT and D2C, but an Advertising Week panel with representatives from Hulu, AOL and MLB Advanced Media made some compelling predictions. The panel, “Direct-to-Consumer: OTT and the Future of Video Entertainment,” focused on ad targeting, shifting audiences and consumer attitudes about commercials, along with topics like content creation and discoverability.

When discussing the shift from cable subscriptions to OTT video services & content, Hulu‘s Senior VP-Ad Sales Peter Naylor said there have been a lot of cord cutters and cord shavers using his company’s service. “We know a lot of people have multiple subscriptions, so it’s just a rising part of the ecosystem and a rising part of consumer behavior.” Mr. Naylor added that Hulu started with an entirely desktop experience, but that now the service sees over 62% of its content consumed in the living room, its fastest growing segment of the viewership.

Read the entire story here.

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