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Live Streaming bridges Urban-Rural Educational Gap in China 28 December 2018

eduational live streaming in China

Video live streaming has now proved itself to be the tool of reducing educational gap. Back in 2006, a live-streaming program was introduced in two schools of Yunnan Province of southwest China. And this year, near about 152 students from those two schools have been admitted to top universities. It has actually increased this admission number to 55%. Since 1980s, admission to Peking and Tsinghua universities were very rare. But this year, the best two of those 152 students have been admitted to these universities as well.

The high-quality live streaming video in the classrooms of various schools has become a mind-boggling solution to the educational discrimination between rural and urban areas.

A professor from one of China’s top universities has stated that this technology of learning has lit up new hope in the world of education.

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