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Majority of English TV viewers engage with second screen 31 July 2015

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More than half of English TV viewers in Canada have engaged in some form of second screen interaction, such as looking up something about a TV show while watching it, and almost one-third have engaged in “social TV” activities, such as chatting about a TV program on social media. That’s according to the latest report from Media Technology Monitor (MTM), Second Screen Interaction: Analysis of the Anglophone Market.

Based on MTM’s research, 54% of Anglophone TV viewers are second screen viewers, with the most popular forms of second screen interaction being: looking up something about a TV show while watching it (36%); “liking” a show on Facebook (23%); and researching a product seen in a commercial while watching (19%). Less common forms of second screen interaction include: watching TV-related webisodes (11%); downloading an app for a TV show (7%); and Twitter-related TV interaction (6%).

For the 31% of Anglophones who are social TV viewers, in addition to chatting about a TV program on Facebook or Twitter, other forms of social TV interaction include following a Twitter feed related to a TV show or joining a Facebook group dedicated to discussing television. According to MTM, 63% of Twitter users are social TV viewers, along with 46% of Facebook users.

In general, second screen viewers tend to be young, with 74% of people aged 18 to 34 saying they have engaged in second screen interaction, as have 71% of students. Furthermore, second screen viewers show a strong interest in creating content online. For example, according to MTM, second screen viewers are significantly more likely than other Anglophones to post photos and video online, post content on a blog, comment on a news story or article, or write an online review.

MTM research found Anglophones who own TV based video on demand technology that allow them to watch what they want, when they want, are more likely to be second screen viewers. Specifically, 68% of Apple TV owners identified themselves as second screen viewers, as did 66% of Google Chromecast owners, 62% of smart TV owners and 71% of Internet-connected TV set owners. In addition, 70% of Netflix subscribers said they are also second screen viewers.

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