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OTT Growth Marred by Illegal Streaming in Vietnam 28 February 2019

Illegal Streaming in Vietnam

The illegal streaming industry in Vietnam is massive and it’s holding back both domestic and international content providers like Netflix.

According to the Vietnam Investment Review, Video streaming giant – Netflix is struggling to find a grip on Vietnam’s audience. In a country with over 90 Million population, Netflix has only managed to capture a subscriber base of 300,000.

It’s not the Vietnamese viewers hate OTT contents, but they are just less keen on paying for it. About 60% of users access illegal websites on a weekly basis to enjoy high-definition OTT content for free.

As the local authorities have not set any regulations on online streaming, the illegal sites are still capable of being accessed. However, it is expected that there will be restrictions for copyright management of OTT content in near future and the era of illegal streaming sector in Vietnam will come to an end soon.

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