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Paraguay gets access to IPTV through Claro 13 June 2017

Claro TV

An IPTV service “Claro TV +” has been started in Asuncion which is the capital of Paraguay. Based on internet speed which can be 6,10, 50 and 10OMbps, the price of Claro TV + package is determined. the Company plans to get to a target subscriber base of 3,000 customers of this new service by the end of this year says Rony Matto, Manager of Claro TV +.

Claro TV+ uses fiber optic network (FTTH) over which Claro already has more than 1,500 broadband customers.

Some features that Claro TV + offers is an advanced search that lets users find movies, series or content, interactive guide, parental control and picture in picture among others. Customers that subscribe to Claro TV+ plans and subscribe to a voice line can also avail of Claro Video which is the Company’s OTT serviceRead More

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