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Roku to launch an OTT Advertising Measurement Service 19 January 2018

Providing much relief to the baffled OTT marketers, Roku has come up with Roku Ad Insights that allows brands and agencies measure how effective their marketing is on OTT.

The service which claims to work in four ways boasts a Reach Insights tool, which marketers can use to quantify their ad campaigns. There are Tune-In insights, which lets TV networks and media owners measure the effectiveness of ads and the viewership lift they provide by demo across Linear TV, desktop, and mobile.

The third one is Cord-Cutter Insights, which provides information to marketers about cord cutters, the people who don’t have pay TV, to ensure their campaigns reach this ever-growing segment of the entertainment-consuming population.

And finally, Survey Insights, which allows marketers to gather feedback quickly on how effective the ads actually are among Roku’s audience. This is done via a live on-screen survey marketers can use to learn what viewers are thinking in real time, as opposed to having to contact them later or using an off-device method.

Scott Rosenberg, General Manager, Roku, quoted, “One of the great things about this measurement suite is that all the insights and aggregation happens within our house and so we have the tools do this. It is also happening on an aggregated basis across pretty large segments. We’re not providing individualized data as an output of any of these products that we’re launching here.”

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