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Everything You Need To Know About VAST in OTT Advertising 05 March 2024

Ever wondered how those targeted video ads appear so smoothly before, during, or after your favorite online videos? The answer lies in VAST, the Video Ad Serving Template. Acting as the behind-the-scenes universal translator, VAST dictates how video ads are … Continue reading

What is OTT Advertising? A Beginner’s Guide 03 May 2023

Advertising has gone online. Today with the help of the right marketing on the internet, people can make themselves visible all around the globe via the internet. A large chunk of the internet audience consumes OTT content and therefore if … Continue reading

Adobe Partners with Roku to Improve OTT Ad Targeting 27 March 2019

Considering the large volume of audiences moving to OTT platforms, Adobe announces a partnership with Roku for identifying the potentials in OTT Ad targeting. With this deal, Adobe is supposed to integrate its advanced analytics on Roku’s platform to precisely … Continue reading

Roku to launch an OTT Advertising Measurement Service 19 January 2018

Providing much relief to the baffled OTT marketers, Roku has come up with Roku Ad Insights that allows brands and agencies measure how effective their marketing is on OTT. The service which claims to work in four ways boasts a … Continue reading

OTT TV Ad Prices should be hiked – IAB 29 November 2017

In a video interview by Beet.TV with Anna Bager, Sales and Marketing SVP with Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), she commented about the pricing opportunities for advertisements The interview covered the release of IAB’s report on The OTT Co-Viewing Experience, which … Continue reading

How to improve OTT Advertising 06 June 2017

More consumers are moving from traditional TV to video streaming platforms, hence advertising can no longer be targeted to the traditional TV audience. According to a recently published Nielsen Total Audience Report, adults between 18-24 watched 46% fewer hours of … Continue reading

2017 can be the year for OTT advertising – Forrester Research 08 February 2017

TV-style online video has been slow on adoption as compared to paid SVOD services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and HBO because of the lack of better content. However because of the increased popularity of sports content being watched online … Continue reading