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The future of television 02 December 2014

5 million people have signed up for Netflix, Hulu and other low-cost Video streaming services so they could watch shows and movies via the internet. Netflix alone has rapidly amassed 36 million. That number is expected to keep rising, as people switch to the cheaper alternative of watching TV and movies on computers and TVs hooked up to the internet. Next year both HBO and CBS will launch streaming services that don’t require a cable subscription. The biggest factor that contributes to more and more people now opting for streaming instead of cable is cost. The rise of streaming has created a bigger appetite for big-budget, high-quality dramatic series like House of Cardsand Showtime’s Homeland. Young people, in particular, are adopting this new model of obtaining entertainment.

The market for internet TV, internet streaming and VOD is starting to open up. Are you looking to go online? We at Muvi Studio help video content owners monetise their content by offering various tools including which helps you launch your own VOD Site at ZERO Cost and in a couple of hours.

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