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Why Not A New Netflix, But Ad Supported? 03 September 2015

Netflix AD Model

What America needs is a good, cheap, video advertising-supported online content provider of quality content. Maybe Hulu will be that entity and we will be finding out soon as it spins out more of its new programming. It could be a contender. If the current TV advertising model isn’t going to transfer online, then maybe the old one will: An omnipresent commercial, soft enough that, like Hulu, the provider can also charge users a subscription fee, but with a new kind of commercial presentation.

By doing not-much, the commercial content business is asleep at the switch. Viewers pretty clearly will pay to avoid ads, and they’re getting more and more, and better and better, opportunities. Now, according to Variety, Apple is considering entering the OTT TV platforms business. Also, YouTube keeps devising new pay schemes so its viewers can avoid advertising, Amazon and Netflix are each pursuing their own strategies. In a showy way, Netflix is telling audiences it wants to embed its cash in television-like programming, particularly its own.

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