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Effortlessly launch a short-form video content app like Tiktok with Muvi. Leverage intuitive features, seamless content uploading, and connect with a vast audience where users can share and discover short videos in real-time. Muvi empowers you to customize and launch your white-label platform like TikTok within minutes. No coding skills needed! 

Design & Customize your platform, the TikTok way


Unlock the immense potential of video content sharing and revolutionize the way people engage with multimedia. Build your fully-featured white-labeled website and mobile app like TikTok using our end-to-end OTT infrastructure solution. With our comprehensive platform, you can create a dynamic and immersive video-sharing community that captivates users around the world.




It's time to start.

It's time to start.

Launch a Multi-Screen, Social Media Platform like TikTok instantly!

End-to end OTT Infrastructure to
launch a fully featured Website, TV
& Mobile App like TikTok

Launching a fully-featured website and mobile app like TikTok has never been easier. With our end-to-end OTT infrastructure solution, you can unleash the power of video-centric social media and create a thriving community that captivates users worldwide. Whether you're a media company, content creator, or an entrepreneur with a unique vision, our platform provides the tools, flexibility, and scalability you need to bring your video-sharing short-form video content app to life.

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Fully managed & scalable tech stack to support your growth from few 1,000s to 100,000s users for seamless user experience

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Advanced CMS

Take full control of your platform with automated moderation, categorization, and metadata management tools

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Security and Privacy

Benefit from robust user authentication, data encryption, and content security measures to protect against unauthorized access

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Comprehensive Analytics

Measure engagement, track trends, and make data-driven decisions to provide a personalized experience for your users

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Scalable Infrastructure

With cloud-based hosting, automatic scaling, and CDN integration, you can handle increasing user traffic without worrying

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Recommendation System

Unlock the potential of TikTok-like content recommendations, fueling user engagement and enhancing retention

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Short Videos

Add and manage engaging short video content to your streaming platform

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User Generated Content

Empower users to share their creativity through engaging user content like TikTok

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Offers various monetization models such as brand partnerships, in-app purchases, ad integrations, and more


Incredible streaming experience delivered on every screen

  • 16+ Ecosystems
  • Native mobile & TV OTT apps
  • No code
  • White-labeled
  • 1-Click deployment
Incredible streaming

Launch OTT apps across 16+ platforms


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