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Generate revenue from your live streams

Muvi Live lets you monetize all your live streams via different revenue models. As a content creator, you can choose to monetize all your streams based on the monetization method you prefer. Muvi Live doesn’t take any commissions or charge extra for monetization.

With Muvi Live, you can start generating revenue from the first live stream itself. No minimum views or subscribers required.


  • Pay Per View
  • Subscription
  • Ads insertion
  • Donations

Pay Per View

Pay Per View

With Muvi Live, you can charge your viewers by live stream, i.e., they can pay only for what they want to watch. For example, a viewer may want to watch only concerts done by their favorite artist. So, now they can pay only for those videos and access them anytime.

monetize video on Muvi
multiple video monetization models



Let your viewers subscribe to your platform and access all the live streams with a subscription model. Viewers will have an option to subscribe to your platform on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis, and they will have unlimited access to your content until the subscription ends. Also, viewers who have subscribed for a plan will be charged recurrently.

Ads insertion

Ads Insertion

With seamless integration of Muvi Ads, you can place ads inside your live streams. Although your viewers are not going to be charged, they will need to spend extra time watching the ads. You just have to find suitable advertisers based on your content and configure the ads right into the videos, either before, after, or during the video streaming.

pay per view video monetization platform
ad supported video monetization



Donations can be a great way to support your live stream content and raise money for your platform. Many live streaming platforms such as nonprofits and e-sports broadcasters generate revenue in the form of donations from the audience. You can just stream the content live and let your audience make contributions based on their wish. Accepting contributions online may become a major revenue stream to support your platform.

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