One Price that Includes Everything!

No Add-Ons. No Hassles.



+ Infrastructure Fees


No credit card required

* 1TB bandwidth and storage free then fee applies

  • Create Unlimited Linear Channels
  • Dynamic, Thematic, Sequential
  • Unlimited Video Uploads
  • Unlimited Users
  • 24x7 Streaming Support
  • No Hidden Fee
  • Pay with Credit & Debit Cards
  • 24x7x365 Technical Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Cancel Subscription Anytime
Infrastructure Fees

After the free limit is reached, bandwidth & storage are then charged at the following rates.

Bandwidth Storage
US$ 0.09 per GB US$ 0.07 per GB
Top questions about Muvi Playout, we are often asked.

Which video format does Muvi Playout support?

It supports all the formats that is supported previously on Muvi Store.


Does Muvi Playout support live streaming?

Yes. Customer needs to define the end time or duration of the stream.


Can users share my content?

Yes, they can.


How do I ensure the security of my content?

We convert the list of videos added to scheduler into one single signed URL which has its own expiry time.


Can I embed my playout service to any third-party platform?

Yes. You can.


Can I insert Ads in between my content and earn revenue?

Yes. You can.


Can I integrate my linear channel(s) to Facebook?

Yes. You can.