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4 Ways to Monetize Your Live Streams

sabyasachi Published on : 24 June 2021
How to make money with Live Streams?

We just have one question for you – 

 Are you ready to generate revenue from your live streams?

Naturally, yes. According to an article released by PR Newswire, the video live streaming market was worth $30 billion back in 2016 when it was just getting started. Fast-forward to 2021, it is projected to more than double its growth and become a more than $70 billion industry. 

So now that the numbers have spoken, let’s cut right to the chase and discuss the 4 actionable ways to go live and get paid.


4 Tips To Monetize your Live Streams


1. Playing Relevant Ads During a Live Stream Session


Most people get utterly frustrated when they hear the term “ads” but guess what, according to a survey conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), 67 percent of people would rather sit through an ad intrusive content that is free rather than paying a subscription fee. 

Place your ads seamlessly inside your live streams, you can opt to connect with global ad exchanges like Google and SpotX or you can do this with our very own native integration of  Muvi Ads today! All you need to do is find suitable advertisers and configure your ads properly at the beginning, during, or at the end of a broadcast.

Use Case: Let’s say that you’ve decided going forward you’ll be running Pre-roll ads for all your future live streams, now when a user X logs in to your platform and starts to watch a live stream content your ad will be played before he/she can start watching the actual content.


2. Generous Fan Donations


We are positive that many of your loyal viewers may be willing to support your creative efforts if they just knew how. 

With this amazing feature, they now can. Ensure seamless live streaming and let your audience members contribute whatever they’re comfortable with. Donations are a brilliant way to provide a major boost to your revenue stream to support your platform. Additionally, consider creating a donations page to make the process even more straightforward for your viewers.

Use Case: For instance, let’s just say you have added a Pre-configured Donation Amount of $100 to one of your live stream’s, before a user Y begins to watch your stream a pop-up window will open displaying your target goal of $100 and he/she can decide to pay an amount of their choice($10, $20 and so on) to help you reach your goal. 

Muvi Live also supports donations and allows you to do just that, so get going with Muvi Live today!



How to make money with Live Streams?



3. Developing Stellar Pay-Per-View Content


This is an extremely straightforward method where viewers only pay for the content they want to watch. 

Now. you might be asking yourself: “Why would a viewer want to pay to watch my stream when there are tons of free stuff available” 

Well, this is precisely where the uniqueness of your content comes into play. If you have something which is exclusive to your platform and is of high quality, you can be rest assured that a user will shed a few bucks to watch it. On the other hand, if you are charging for subpar, easily accessible content then of course no one’s going to pay for it!

Use Case: Going forward you have decided to charge $5 per episode for all your live audio podcasts about global warming, when a user Z logs in to your platform to tune in to your podcast, he/she would be prompted to pay $5 before they can start listening in.

Create & Manage PPV categories for multiple content formats flawlessly with Muvi Live!


4. Patreon for Regular Subscriptions


This is without a doubt one of the most popular live stream monetization models. 

With Muvi Live your viewers can now subscribe to your platform on the following basis:

  • Monthly 
  • Weekly
  • Annual(Yearly)

Please note, once a viewer has chosen any one of these plans they will have complete access to your content library until their plan expires. And, you can check this activity using our streaming analytics reports feature. 

Use Case: Let say you have added a $50 monthly subscription plan for all your Live Q&A sessions going forward. A user C would only be able to access your Q&A sessions if they are willing to subscribe to your plan.


Why Should You Monetize Your Live Video Content in the First Place?


To be completely honest – it’s easy and it can be a stable source of revenue if done right.


Here’s the Best Part!


With Muvi Live there is NO requirement for a set number of views or subscribers to get started. 

Check out our Monetize Live Streams features page to learn more.


Stream Live Seamlessly Across Multiple Video Platforms From Anywhere to Everywhere With Muvi Live!


Experience the power of Muvi Live in action and achieve the following:

  • Produce Professional live event in a completely Do-It-Yourself (DIY) setup
  • Be a “video & audio-first” company. Plan, train, execute, deliver – all through videos & audios
  • Increase engagement, convert faster, yield results
  • Auto-scalable live streaming for exclusive, grand events

And so much more!

Don’t wait any longer, start your 14-Days free trial with Muvi Live today and experience a superior interactive streaming experience.


How to make money with Live Streams?

Written by: sabyasachi

Sabyasachi has over 5 years of experience with B2B and B2C contents. Writing has been an absolute passion of his since his high school days and he worships Anglo Saxon Literature. As far as hobbies go, he is an avid swimmer and a hiker.

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