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Enabling end users to personalize products on Muvi Kart

Soumya Sekhar Published on : 07 November 2017

So you are done configuring your e-commerce website. The app is up and running, and you are hitting good numbers. Everything is smooth, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. You have had big plans for Thanksgiving this year – special promotional offers, money back guarantees, same day delivery, etc. You aim to break the $500 million-mark revenue in the Thanksgiving week. You missed your target last time and are doing your best to hit bull’s eye this year.

The big day has arrived and you get notified that you have fallen short by approximately $90 million. Next day, you call for a meeting with your marketing and analytics team, and you discover that you have lost a major chunk of inbound traffic to one of the late entrants in the e-commerce market of your region. They didn’t have a catalog as big as yours to offer, but definitely had something unique to differentiate themselves.

They ran a special campaign for the festival called “Sign your send out”; which allowed users to add a customized message and a signature to every product that they wished to order as a Thanksgiving spend. This campaign not only allowed personalized messages in the presents, but also enabled users to add custom images, and designs to the products in their kart. This drove heavy traffic to their site, and customers enjoyed playing with multiple customization options. This lets them create an entirely new product using a mix and match of custom product attributes with a personalized look and feel; and that was motive enough for any visitor to end up making a purchase, essentially because it was their own creation.

You didn’t see that coming, did you! This is something that your marketing team should have come up with to drive traffic, but they ended up figuring out the bounce rate instead. However, it’s not your team’s fault entirely. Even if you’d come up with the idea, it would have been very difficult to construct such a feature on your website and integrate with your catalog, for each SKU, in such a short span of time. To your wonder, the new jack in the trade, to whom you lost your customers didn’t do it themselves either. They had rather built it on a pre-configured, fully featured e-commerce template from Muvi.

Building an e-store on Muvi Kart has more perks than one can think of. On Muvi Kart, you can enable visual personalization of your physical products at the user end. Your users will have the option to customize the look and feel of their preferred products such as wall clocks, photo frames, pullovers, pens, etc. in their desired way. End users can add and modify the visual attributes such as text, images, color, etc. to the product and then place the order.

[ See how it’s done. Click here to learn more. ] 

Customers can add text and image content of their choice to have personalized wish messages and one-liners included in the products. The template lets you design a “product personalization” option before order checks out. Once customers have decided what they want to order, they can ideate and come up with messages, famous dialogues, catchphrases, quotes, etc. and customize their product. They can add custom images such as their favorite pictures and portraits of loved ones, family, high school buddy, or even self in specified pixel sizes and give a personal touch to the physical product that they send out as a present.

Muvi Kart also allows color customizations. Besides being able to pick and choose a product in different color variants, users can also change the color of the custom text or image. They can also apply filters or word art to the custom content such as sketch, mono, black & white, shadow, reflection, etc.

As the platform owner, you can enable customization for multiple products from different categories in your product catalog. From coffee mugs to guitars, from tank tops to t-shirts, from kerchiefs to hats, customization can be enabled for all products. However, you reserve the right to allow this option on select SKUs or on the entire range of products, depending on your operational strengths.

Switch to Muvi Kart and do the best you can to stand out in the market. “Product Personalization” is one feature that not only enhances user engagement, and the overall shopping experience but also opens new business windows by improving conversion rate and better revenue for your e-store.


Written by: Soumya Sekhar

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