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End-User Support Service – Providing the best experience with on-time support 26 July 2021

End-user Support Service.Muvi


It is quite challenging for streaming platform owners to balance between creating a unique content strategy and resolving end-users issues without technical team support. Muvi’s ‘End User Support Service‘ feature, offers support to the end-users by addressing inquiries and issues to avoid business disruptions. Muvi’s ‘ End user support service’ not only provides end-user management, ticket-based support and notification management, it also offers 24×7 support service for the end-users.


How does end-user support service ensure an exceptional streaming experience?


Consistent end-user support with effective management

Muvi offers a robust customer management process with its ‘End-user support service.’ Our dedicated management portal helps customers handle multiple tasks such as managing end-users, resolving tickets, streamlining processes and building effective communication with end-users. Thus providing end-users with an agile and intuitive experience on the platform to feel more connected.

Use case:

Mr. Robert created his own VOD platform through Muvi. His end-user, Mr. Steve, was facing a problem during the registration process and approached the support team. The end-user support service team connected with Mr. Steve through his chosen communication medium and communicated about the problem to make immediate resolutions.


End-user assistance at any time with dedicated support team

Muvi’s customers can leverage the dedicated support team with ‘Anytime Assistance’ for their end-users from different geographical locations. The support team interacts with end-users through multiple channels like live calls, chat, email, ticket system, online tutorials, and help articles across different time zones to ensure seamless experience for the end-users on your streaming service.


Use case

Mr. Mark from Australia is a subscriber of Mr. Arya’s streaming service, and he was not able to access a particular content with his current subscription plan. He is looking for immediate support through a live call. He called the support team and was happy that his problem got resolved immediately.


End-Users can report issues instantly through a Ticket-Based Support Service

Muvi also provides ticketing tools and helpdesk software to support its customers in  handling their issues. Contact forms can be integrated on the website, allowing your end-users to log on and raise inquiries from your streaming website directly. Muvi’s support service tracks the issues, maps tickets, and provides an immediate update to resolve the problem instantly.

Use Case:

Mr. Richard subscribed to Muvi and created his streaming platform. He has been given a choice of choosing ticketing tools and helpdesk software for his customers. Muvi integrated a contact form on his website, allowing his customers to log an inquiry from his website. Mr.Dave, the end-user of Mr. Richard’s streaming service, raised a ticket on an issue with his subscription plan; Muvi’s support service tracked & mapped the ticket and provided an instant update to Mr. Dave on his subscription plan.


Strengthen End-User Relationship with Multi-Channel Notifications

Muvi’s ‘End User Support’ has a multi-channel notification system that supports every customers’ business requirements. It helps customers to stay connected with their end-users and deliver a better user experience to them. Muvi ensures that your users receive customized alerts and notifications through multiple channels like email, text messages, push messages or chats based on their activity.

Use Case:

Mr. Bernard has launched his own streaming platform with the help of Muvi. Whenever he uploads any new content to his platform, his subscribers receive customized notifications across multiple channels. It helps him to interact and engage with his users better.


The end-user support service provides a holistic solution for a seamless end-to-end support experience for all the end-users. It is beneficial for all the customers to manage their end-users effectively. It builds effective communication via multiple channels so users will not feel disconnected at any point.

From creating your own OTT or VOD platform to live streaming your content, you can do more with Muvi. All you have to do is start your 14-day free trial  and explore the possibilities with Muvi.


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Lavanya Lanka
Lavanya is Senior Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing Unit. She bagged 8+ years of experience in writing for different industries in her career. She was now exploring her interest in the streaming industry with Muvi. In her free time, she likes to travel places and try out recipes at home.

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