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Konviare- the Much-Awaited Notification Engine for Hospitality Industry

Ishita Banik Published on : 22 June 2021
Notification engine Konviare


The hospitality industry witnessed huge growth in the pre-pandemic years and despite having hurdles it tends to expand in the near future. If you operate in this industry, you must know how the end-users require reassurance before committing a huge amount of money! Being a Konviare customer, you don’t need to worry about persuasive marketing or reassurance techniques to build your customers’ trust. Konviare lets you-

1. Provide Personalized Notifications

Your customers love to have transparency. Starting from booking details to prior notification for cancellations- they want to get all the information on time. And Konviare helps you create and manage personalized notifications for each of your end-users.

Use Case: Donald runs his business in the hospitality industry. The end user A’s flight got rescheduled due to some reason, while B’s rest half of the package cost is pending. With Konviare, Donald can create and manage the personalized notifications for both A & B from a single dashboard in a hassle-free way!

2. Trigger Notifications

You may need to trigger various instant notifications based on separate events such as completing payment, checking in to hotel/property, etc.  If you are a Konviare customer, you can easily add such triggers through our simplest APIs without depending on developers!

Use Case: Jack has set three different triggers on Konviare for sending- notification through email after booking the hotel, notification through SMS after checking in, and notification through SMS for checking out.

End-user Z has just booked the hotel, he will get notifications with the required details in each step- booking, checking in, and checking out. No doubt that it will improve the credibility of Jack’s business further.

3. Integrate Messaging Solutions

Konviare allows its easy and hassle-free integration with any third party solution used on your platform!

Use Case:  Konviare customer Adam already has Mailchimp on his hospitality platform and he wants to integrate Konviare. He can smoothly go ahead with integrating Konviare without any difficulties!

4. Welcome Your Customers Onboard

Just log in to your Konviare dashboard and trigger professional welcome notifications for your end-users for a smooth onboarding process! You can include the necessary information in such notifications like how to avail the services, list of nearest tourist spots or restaurants etc. based on the type of your hospitality business.

Use Case: Julie is a Konviare customer, who has triggered welcome notifications through WhatsApp as soon as the end-users check in to her hotel. As a result, every time anyone will check in to her hotel, he/she will receive an welcome message on WhatsApp along with a summary of the nearby tourist spots as set up by Julie!

5. Send Pre and Post Booking Reminders

Pre and post booking notifications improve the end-users’ experience as well as the credibility of your hospitality services. And Konviare makes it easy like never before through its simplest dashboard and 0 requirement for coding!

Use Case: Steffan runs a spa and has set SMS notifications for the end-users to remind them about their slots one day prior. The end-user Janie has booked her slot and she will receive an SMS before one day reminding her about her appointment. Here, Steffan can also add some offers like discount for membership or discount on cab service etc. in that notification. 

6. Drive Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are proven and effective ways to increase your customer retention rate. And Konviare makes it easier as you don’t need any code level implementation to trigger the relevant notifications. Through its dashboard you can instantly notify the customers about the loyalty points earned and the related discounts they can redeem.

Use Case: Konviare customer Brayden has triggered email notifications for the end-users who earned minimum 500 loyalty points in the hotel booking app. The end-user Laura has just reached 500 loyalty points, she will receive an instant email notifying her about the discounts she can avail for her next booking!

7. Ask for Feedback

Customer feedback is more than important for any hospitality company. And Konviare customers can trigger notifications to collect the relevant feedback in a jiffy! 

Use Case: Michael has triggered email notifications on Konviare asking the end-users to rate their hospitality experience. Now, whenever someone will check out from his hotel, will get an instant email asking for feedback. No doubt that it will help Michael improve his services further!

You can visit our hospitality industry page to know more.

Haven’t tried Konviare yet? Take a 14-day free trial today!


Written by: Ishita Banik

Ishita is a Content Writer with Muvi Marketing Team. Apart from business writing, she is also an acclaimed author of three best seller romantic thriller novels. In 2020, she got featured in The Hindustan Times, a leading news portal as an inspirational Indian author.

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