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Multiple Content Partners Management through Muvi’s Partner Portal

Ishita Banik Published on : 19 January 2022
Muvi Content Partners Portal


Muvi users can now easily manage multiple content partners through Muvi’s partner portal.  Be it onboarding content partners or adding/modifying content – Muvi users can do all that with just a few clicks. That’s not it, the partner portal is packed with a lot of solutions. 

Let’s have a look –


Muvi’s Partner Portal: Solutions at a Glimpse


1. Content Partners Onboarding

For Muvi Users, the process of onboarding content partners to their platforms is fairly easy and simple. All they need to do is enter the content partner information through a few button clicks and the detailed steps will be emailed to the respective content partners. Similarly, if a content partner chooses to register directly on your platform, you would just need to approve them to get them onboard.

Use Case

Muvi customer Elanie wants to add ten new content partners to her OTT platform. With the partner portal, she just submits the respective information, the emails get sent to the content partners with the required steps and the onboarding process gets completed in a hassle-free way!


2. Permission Management for Content Partners

Muvi users may need to frequently manage permissions of their content partners specifically related to accessibility, uploads, revenue sharing etc. The permission engine included in the partner portal tackles this task with an easy solution where users have full control to manage over how, what, and when their content partners are granted permissions.

Use Case

Antonio owns an e-learning platform with multiple content partners. He wants to allow only a handful of partners to make content modifications on the portal. Being a Muvi customer, he can do it instantly without going through any tedious process by managing the permission on the CMS.


3. Review and Approve Content

When managing third party partners, reviewing and approving content becomes a crucial process before taking them live. Muvi’s partner portal comes with a simplified solution where you can swiftly approve or decline any content with an instant notification sent to the respective content partner to take necessary actions. Alternatively, you can also let content partners publish their content directly without going through the review process.

Use Case

Muvi customer Hugo runs an OTT platform. He wants to review the VoDs uploaded by his new content partners before making them live. He can successfully review and make decisions by using this solution.


4. Own Branded Partner Portal

Muvi lets you have your own branded partner portal to reflect your own branding where your content partners can easily access the portal, upload and track content, revenue etc.

Use Case

Adelina, a Muvi customer, has just launched her e-commerce store and on-boarded a few partners. They can access her own branded partner portal to take various actions like uploading and managing content and others.


5. Subscriptions for Content Partners

It is necessary to have various subscription plans available with different content upload limits, permissions etc. for your content partners. Muvi’s partner portal lets you easily offer such plans with various content limits, watch hours, and plan remunerations.

Use Case

Muvi user Adam wants to keep different plans for the partners of his OTT platform. With the help of the partner portal he can implement multiple subscription plans and manage them in a jiffy!


6. Revenue Sharing with Content Partners

It is of utmost importance to have a well-defined revenue sharing structure with your content partners and at the same time managing/updating those as and when required. The partner portal empowers you to do so by enabling you to decide the percentage of revenue sharing with content partners through sales, transaction and other factors with the freedom to optimize them as per requirement.

Use Case

Brayden wants to share a certain percentage of the revenue with his content partners based on transactions. As a Muvi customer, Brayden can set up revenue share percentage through the partner portal’s permission engine in a matter of just a few minutes.


7. Separate Page for Content Partners

There is no doubt that content partners too prefer to have some control and offering them their own separate customizable pages is always a good idea to implement. The good news is, with the help of a content partner portal you can offer such dedicated pages to your content partners where they can upload their logo, add social media handles and customize it to their liking.

Use Case

Steffan is a Muvi customer who wants to provide his content partners with their own separate customizable pages. The partner portal will let him do the same so that his end users can have access and can customize the page as they want.


8. Let Content Partners Create Subscription Plans

With Muvi’s partner portal, content partners can also create their subscription plans to monetize their content while their audience can also purchase from them directly. This will not only work in favor of the content partners but help in drawing more partners to contribute.

Use Case

Devin, the owner of an e-commerce platform, wants to allow his content partners to have their own subscription plans. With Muvi’s partner portal, he can offer this facility to his partners while the end-users get the option of additional subscription plans.


9. Enable Content Partners to Access Analytics

The content  partner portal of Muvi also allows users to give their content partners access to analytics, thus enabling them to keep a track on some key metrics such as user watch-time, generated review, most-viewed content and many more.

Use Case

Ethan’s OTT platform has several content partners and being a Muvi user, he can also give access to the content partners to track the analytics. Partners can then review the stats on analytics and take decisions. 


Not just limited to these solutions, Muvi’s partner portal now offers unlimited possibilities, to know more, visit our feature page Partner Portal- Manage Multiple Content Partners.

If you are yet to stream with Muvi, take our 14-day free trial today to know the difference.

Written by: Ishita Banik

Ishita is a Content Writer with Muvi Marketing Team. Apart from business writing, she is also an acclaimed author of three best seller romantic thriller novels. In 2020, she got featured in The Hindustan Times, a leading news portal as an inspirational Indian author.

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