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Muvi launches its 10th Mobile & TV app platform – Vewd TV app 28 June 2019

Launch Vewd TV app with Muvi

Currently, Vewd OS owns a good volume of market share in the Smart TV industry and over 75% of leading set-top box manufacturers prefer using Vewd configurations.

We comprehend the need for Vewd applications in the OTT space and thus here by, announce the launch of Vewd TV app as our 10th OTT platform in the segment of Mobile & TV apps. With this development, our customers can now launch a fully-featured white-label Vewd TV app for their video streaming services instantly at Zero upfront investment.

Our comprehensive TV app platform supports Vewd OS 4.0 and has all the essential features such as User registration & Login, Search & Filter functionality, Multiple payment options, and more.

Also, customers can incorporate ‘n’ number of customizations in their Vewd TV app for delivering a seamless streaming experience to end-users.


Take a look at the most unique features of Muvi-powered Vewd TV App

  • Native Video Player

With a native HTML5-based online video player, both content and ad streaming is faster and reliable on the Vewd TV app. The online video player is rich in features such as auto bit-rate management, personalization, convenient playback, gesture control, etc. for a better streaming experience.

  • TV remote support

Considering the comfort of end-users, we have enabled TV remote support for our Vewd TV app platform. Using the TV remote, users can fast-forward the videos, control volume, and search content through keywords.

In case, the TV remote is lost, users can also access Vewd TV applications through smartphone-based remote apps.

  • Multi-lingual extension

For wider demography, the Vewd TV app from Muvi gets multi-language support that empowers your users to switch to their preferred language swiftly making streaming personalized and convenient.

Not limited to these, our Vewd TV app platform has a lot more to offer.

Also, once the TV app is created, our technical experts will help you in publishing your app in the Vewd App store catalog.

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