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Powering your dream and extending the reach, Muvi offers you native streaming app for Vewd enabled smart TVs. Join the smartest streaming ecosystem by launching instantly deployable and fully customizable white-labeled Vewd TV apps. Set your preferred monetization model and avail “n” no. of customization at the drop of a hat!

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  • Reach over 50 Million Screens
  • Fully Featured Native Vewd TV App
  • Launch Instantly
  • White-labeled App
  • Native Video Player

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Native App

Build your native streaming app with Muvi as per Vewd’s programming protocol. Our extensive engineering experience assures easy scalability and super-flexibility to address your streaming business needs.

native streaming app for vewd tv platform

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Launch Instantly!

Get your streaming platform up and running with the fastest deployment guaranteed! While you can go live with a standard template instantly, with even standard customization, you can make your Video/Audio streaming channel live under 48 hrs! That’s fastest in the industry!

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White-labeled App


Get the recognition you deserve and don’t share it with anybody, including Muvi. Build your Vewd TV App completely white-labeled and flaunt your company logo on your store, your website, everywhere! No trace of Muvi whatsoever!

white-labeled vewd tv app

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Native Video Player

Get native video player from Muvi to render your video content on Vewd enabled smart TVs. Render video content smartly, reliably without any technical jitter.

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Switch to Different Language at Ease


Viewing comfort is marked by personalization. Let your users set their preferred language in the native video player at ease. Just one click of a button and it’s all set.

switch to different language on vewd tv app platform

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