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Muvi Integrates with Zapier to Streamline Workflow of your Streaming Platform 02 September 2020

Muvi Integration with Zapier


Comprehending the need for automation while managing an audio/video streaming platform, Muvi now integrates with Zapier, the platform that has integrations with 2000+ applications. With this latest development, it is now possible for Muvi customers to build automated workflows to manage their content, user management, payment, tedious processes such as updating manual data, email management, and much more.


Let’s take an exclusive sneak peek into the features of Muvi + Zapier Integration:


  • User Management– Muvi’s integration with Zapier makes it easy for you to export user data from Muvi to your CRM using zaps or vice versa. 

  • SLA Management– The creation of zaps makes it possible for you to generate triggers as per your SLAs in the existing ticketing system.

  • Managing WordPress–  Apart from Muvi Media Connect, you can also set triggers through zap for any new videos added to your Muvi CMS for showcasing on your WordPress-enabled website.

  • Automated Content Sharing– The creation of Zaps makes it possible for automated sharing and cross-promotion of new audio/video uploads on Muvi’s CMS across multiple channels and platforms. 

  • Instant Notifications– Any new content uploaded on Muvi’s CMS will be instantly notified to your end-users through auto-triggers.


For more details, check out Muvi + Zapier Integration.

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Sreejata Basu
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