Reward Your Loyal Customers With Our Loyalty Program Feature 08 December 2022

For an OTT platform, reducing customer churn is important. And experts say that the best way to reduce OTT churn is increasing viewer engagement. The more your users engage with your platform, the more likely they are to keep using … Continue reading

Marketing Tips to Build Better Customer Loyalty 20 August 2021

  Do you know, for most of the leading businesses, more than half of the business profit comes from the repeat customers? Basically, they are called loyal customers.    And for any company, one of the main targets is to … Continue reading

What are the Stages of Customer Lifecycle? 20 August 2021

  Customer lifecycle is a well-known term holding high importance for any business. Customer lifecycle can be defined as the stages a customer goes through before, during and after the transaction while taking your products or services. It describes the … Continue reading