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Marketing Tips to Build Better Customer Loyalty

Ishita Banik Published on : 20 August 2021
Marketing Tips to Build Customer Loyalty


Do you know, for most of the leading businesses, more than half of the business profit comes from the repeat customers? Basically, they are called loyal customers. 


And for any company, one of the main targets is to earn the customer loyalty to grow the business further. No wonder that the recent report by Accenture stated that more than 90% of the companies have some form of customer loyalty or engagement program!


But, how to build customer loyalty, especially, while every other business is putting effort to achieve the same? The secret is – utilizing the marketing tips in the most unique ways, because that’s what makes your business stand out of the crowd.


So, before we explore the top marketing strategies, let me brief you about the importance of customer loyalty for your business.


Why is Customer Loyalty Important for Your Business? 

Customer loyalty implies a customer’s long-term commitment to your business where they are involved in repetitive buying of your products or, service on a long-term basis. Such customers hold the highest lifecycle values and are considered to be the assets of your business.

The top benefits of earning customer loyalty are-

  • Repeat customers increase the recurring revenue for your business in a consistent way
  • Loyal customers reduce your expenses spent for acquiring new ones 
  • Reduces overall marketing costs as such customers cater to the reputation of your brand through word-of-mouth promotion
  • Trims your service cost, because loyal customers are the most cost-effective to serve!
  • Lets you have the most valuable feedback for your products, services and overall business
  • Better competitive advantage, as more loyal customers you have, less will be the competition for your business 


Intriguing Statistics About Customer Loyalty

  • A 5% increase in customer retention rate can increase the profit of your business by 25% to 95%! (Harvard University)
  • The probability of selling your products or services to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the same for a new prospect is only about 5-20% (Market Metrics)
  • There are more than 3 Billion loyalty memberships in the U.S. itself and the number is growing fast (Accenture)
  • 63% of the Millennials and Gen Z admit that showing brand loyalty is the way to earn customer loyalty! (Alliance Data) 
  • 57% customers spend more on the brands to which they are loyal (Accenture)


How to Build and Maintain Customer Loyalty


1. Improve Customer Experience

Improving customer experience will always be the easiest and effective way to gain and maintain customer loyalty. According to a study conducted by Walker, customer experience will overtake the price and product as the key brand differentiator in the near future. 

While customer experience depends on diverse factors, you can win the game by adopting these pro tips-

  • Ensure your products, services, content and the roadmaps to those are comprehensible, and easily accessible by your customers
  • Keep them updated about every detail that matters related to the products or services they are taking from your business. For instance, if they have signed up for a silver plan on your website, notify them about its perks as well as what additional benefits they can avail by upgrading to the gold plan in future
  • Exceed their expectations by providing them quality customer services and support whenever they need it!
  • Take customer feedback on timely basis in order to serve them exactly what they expect or even more


2. Engage Your Customers Where they are Most Active!

We can’t emphasize enough on the multi-channel customer engagement, when it comes to increasing the number of loyal customers for your business. 

The following tips work wonder if you want to  use customer engagement as a tool to earn more loyal customers-

  • Find out the communication channels where they are most active. It often depends on the demographics of your customers apart from their individual preferences. For instance, as stated in the latest Statista report, 50% of the Whatsapp users in the U.S. accessed the mobile messenger on a daily basis, while 78% of the responding WhatsApp audience admitted that they used the messaging platform weekly as in the third quarter of 2020. However, you can simply know your customers’ preferred communication channels by letting them fill up a simple form during their sign up, by analyzing the previous campaigns, or running a quick survey!




  • Create separate lists of audiences based on the factors – communication channel, subscriptions, purchase history, feedback, lifecycle values etc.! There is no rule of thumb, and it entirely depends on what will be more convenient and fruitful for your business.
  • Trigger notifications for multiple events that can be of benefit to your business and can invoke the customer interest. New sign up, new subscription, subscription upgrading or downgrading, new inventory, abandoned carts, wishlisted items, change in the existing SLAs or ongoing sales – trigger notification for every such event. So that lack of customer engagement can never come in the way of growing your loyal customer base!


3. Customer Reward Programs

One of the best ways to acknowledge and inspire your loyal customers is to reward them. Some of the effective reward program ideas that are easy to plan and execute –

  • Tiered Customer Reward Program

Let’s suppose, customer A is taking your products for the last one year and customer B is your repeat customer for the last three years. Both A and B are your loyal customers but you may want to reward them differently for obvious reasons. Similarly, there can be other factors which make your loyal customers different from each other in terms of life cycle values, the duration of their relationship with your business etc. 

A tired reward program enables you to have different levels of rewards for your customers based on such factors.

  • Point Reward Program

It is one of the simple and popular programs where your customers earn points based on the frequency of purchase, amount spent per purchase, for crossing a certain spending limit etc.! Such programs are easy to implement and offer transparency to both your customers and your business.

  • Spend-based Reward Program

Such programs are slightly different from the point reward programs as here you reward your customers entirely on the basis of their spending. More they spend, the more they will be rewarded. 

  • Exclusive Reward or VIP Program

In such reward programs customers pay a monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee to get membership of such programs and avail exclusive discounts, free delivery, complementary services, and other benefits for that specific time period.

Many leading shopping and e-commerce stores such as Amazon and other businesses have this kind of reward program.

  • Hybrid Reward Program

A hybrid reward program consists of more than one type of reward program and it can be any combination of the above-mentioned programs. Such reward or loyalty programs are often popular across a broad range of industries due to the flexibility they offer.


Wrapping Up,

In order to achieve customer loyalty, it is important to see things from their point of views. Not only in terms of the quality of your products or services, but what impact your overall brand has on the customers, matters the most to turn them loyal.


Customer engagement can be the key to gain more loyal customers if done strategically. While disengaged customers cater to the churn rate, high customer engagement drives the customer loyalty for any business. A notification system can give you an all-in-one solution in accomplishing this provided you pick the right one!



Muvi Notification Engine Konviare is one of its kind of system to let you trigger and manage instant event-based notifications, personalize mass notifications, segregate your audience lists and utilize its predefined templates to avoid the hassle of coding and testing. It integrates fast and easily with any app, website and third party solutions and enables you to manage everything from a single dashboard!

Take a 14-day free trial today and get 100 notifications completely free (no credit card needed)!





Written by: Ishita Banik

Ishita is a Content Writer with Muvi Marketing Team. Apart from business writing, she is also an acclaimed author of three best seller romantic thriller novels. In 2020, she got featured in The Hindustan Times, a leading news portal as an inspirational Indian author.

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