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A Guide to Cloud Transcoding and its Importance 13 October 2022

  Quality of the video plays a significant role in providing enhanced viewer experience to the streaming video business. It is so crucial that OTT broadcasters risk revenue losses of up to 25% when their streaming quality is compromised. Transcoding … Continue reading

Why Is Transcoding Essential For OTT Platforms? 06 October 2022

  People love watching videos. That is why 80% of the online content consumed is videos. With time, people have started showing their trust in OTT platforms. That is why Statista predicts that the revenue generated by OTT platforms will … Continue reading

Live Streaming Latency: A Glass to Glass Analysis 19 May 2021

The term “Real-time live streaming” is a hot topic in the broadcasting industry and often is a bone of contention between the enablers and the broadcasters. That few seconds of latency during a soccer match can be a real excitement-killer … Continue reading

Video Transcoding: Why is it Important in Streaming? 10 January 2020

  If you are a newbie in the streaming and media industry, you probably must have heard the terms “encoding” and “transcoding”. However, you aren’t exactly sure what they mean.  Well, you have come to the right place as we … Continue reading

How to Deliver Better Video Streams to End-Users? 16 September 2019

  Improve your overall video streaming QoE and witness a surge in your revenue flow down-the-line. Whether your subscribers are complaining about bufferings, lags, delayed video starts, or video resolution degradations, implementing our tried-and-tested practices can effectively resolve all these … Continue reading

5 building blocks without which you cannot develop an eLearning Platform 26 April 2019

Nowadays, learning is no longer restricted within the physical limitations of a classroom. High-quality videos and streaming platforms are helping 21st-century learners to take courses online and hence paving the way for comfortable learning from experts across geography making the … Continue reading

Get the lowdown on À la carte TV 27 June 2017

If you are a novice to the realm of video streaming and have bumped into the term “À la carte TV” while trying to cope with the visual clutter of the cyberspace amidst a ton of obscurities in the universe … Continue reading