Over-the-top (OTT) has taken over the TV industry big time. OTT platforms enable users to access their favorite content anywhere, anytime using the device of their choice, in fact choosing their own purchase model. Muvi helps video content owners to launch their own white-labelled OTT services across devices and platforms in a matter of few clicks. Check out Muvi’s complete range of OTT solution offerings.

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How to Choose The Best OTT Platform Provider? 15 September 2022

  OTT Platforms are one of the fastest growing digital entities in the current era. Statista predicts that the revenue generated in the OTT video segment will hit US$ 275.30 billion by 2023. So, it can be clearly understood why … Continue reading

OTT Platforms – Trends to Look Out for in the Next Five Years 09 August 2022

  Over The Top (OTT) market has seen a rapid rise in the past few years. Gone are the days when people had to depend on TV for watching their favorite shows. In the present times, people prefer to stream … Continue reading

35% increase in online paid users & up to 42% growth in subscriber revenue, OTT platforms are inflating 31 March 2021

  The lockdown period barred everyone from stepping out but the OTT platform made room for online users to experience complete entertainment during those periods. Online users found solace with the entertainment list hence shooting a 35% increase in OTT … Continue reading

OTT Providers and Mobile Operators in Asian form new Alliances 01 August 2016

To combat revenue of loss, Asian MNOs are creating new revenue-sharing partnerships with OTT platform providers, as per research by IT and networking vendor Alepo. The research highlights the need for more effective strategies for OTT services by MNOs in … Continue reading