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Demystifying Netflix’s Recommendation Engine 14 June 2021

Have you ever wondered how is it possible for Netflix to predict such accurate recommendations every time you open its app or website? Well, it’s because of its terrific AI recommendation engine. Netflix’s recommendation engine accounts for more than 80% of the TV shows discovered on the platform. Netflix has an amazing content inventory with …

How Alie ensures better user engagement for streaming services? 04 June 2021

  The pioneer of an immortal technological invention, Steve Jobs once said, “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Makes sense? Your video streaming channel might have a rich content library, but the viewers will not know that until you bring them in the front row. …

Importance of Quality Products over Quantity in a Recommendation Engine 31 May 2021

  We all are aware of the fact that the Recommendation Engine has taken the world by storm. As customers, we are sometimes not even familiar with the recommendations/suggestions we get while using some website or mobile application. We cannot blame it because, more often than not, we are on a website, but we don’t …

How Recommendations are Done in Audio Streaming Platforms 26 May 2021

  We are all aware of the fact that almost all the industries today are now data-driven. The Audio streaming industry, which more often than not is considered to be soul-driven, also uses recommendation engines to provide utmost pleasure to their customers. Let us understand how it is done.    What is a Recommendation Engine? …

How does a Recommendation Engine Use Predictive Analysis? 30 April 2021

  The recommendation engine has become widely popular in the recent years owing to its unlimited benefits across diverse B2B SaaS businesses. A recommendation engine with predictive analysis can predict which type of products or services customers will be interested in, based on their historical data. This is no less than a blessing to increase …

What is Metadata and its role in an audio or video platform 20 September 2017

Home entertainment is on the brink of a revolution with Over the Top (OTT) TV taking center stage. OTT services offer a plethora of content including premium or niche content that is made available for users to watch anywhere, anytime. Whether the content is short-form or long-form, most libraries consist of enormous on-demand catalogs. For …

Netflix Now Decides What TV Is Good For You: Here’s How It Rates 09 April 2015

Online Video on Demand service Netflix is now making recommendations to its subscribers, but it’s not about which television program, movie or content series to watch. It’s actually slapping its approval on TV sets, smart televisions to be specific, that it believes are worthy of a consumers’ investment. The “Netflix Recommended TV” program already has …

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