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North America Pay-TV subs to fall by 10 million 2012-2022

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 28 March,2017

According to a Digital TV Research, the US and Canadian Pay TV markets are set to headwinds as the industry is hit by subscribers dropping services and a rise in on-pay homes. The research stated that Pay TV subs in North America will fall by 10 million from 112 million in the peak year of 2012 to …


US uses social media for TV discovery – Deloitte Survey

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 27 March,2017

According to Deloitte’s 11th Digital Democracy Survey, almost half (49 %) of US consumers and nearly 60 % of generation Z, millennials and Generation X subscribe to at least one paid video streaming platform. However the survey notes that despite the growth of paid video streaming services, US consumers spend more time streaming video via free …


20% US pay-TV subs are dissatisfied with their service

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 21 March,2017

According to a recent Parks Associates research, 20 % of US pay-TV subscribers say that they are dissatisfied with their pay-TV service, representing a 100 % increase since early 2013. One other report stataed that one third of pay TV subscribers are very satisfied with their service, a drop of 57 % who indicated very high satisfaction levels in 2013. …


US pay-TV sheds 795K subs in 2016

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 21 March,2017

According to a recent study by the Leichtman Research Group (LRG), the largest pay-TV providers in the US, which represent about 95 % of the market have lost about 795,000 net video subscribers in the year 2016, as compared to a pro forma loss of some 445,000 subs in 2015. The top pay TV providers account for some 93.6 …


China to dominate 4K and 8K TV shipments by 2020

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 20 March,2017

Even though Japanese makers are aggressively switching to 4K TV ranges, China will continue to dominate the market by 42% of all TVs in 2017 with 4K shipments, says a recent IHS Markit research. The analysts calculate that in 2016, more than 25 million 4K TVs were shipped in China and estimate the numbers to almost double by …


More Than Half of Americans subscribe to Netflix

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 20 March,2017

According to a recent Leichtman Research Group (LRG) research, Netflix has reached its penetration milestone in the home country. According to the research, some 82% of households in the United States either have Netflix, a DVR, or video-on-demand (VOD) service from a cable, telephone pay-TV provider or a satellite company. The research also found out that 30% of …


US ‘cord nils’ tripled to 22% in last five years

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 17 March,2017

According to a recent Diffusion Group (TDG) study, the number of US broadband households that do not subscribe to traditional pay TV service has almost tripled in the past five years since 2011. The figures of ‘cord nils’ in the US has come down from 8 million in 2011 to 22 million by the end of …


Millennials are a Distracted Audience – says Nielsen

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 16 March,2017

Millennials – currently the biggest US population – having grown alongside massive technology advancements and availability of media platforms, are in an intriguing territory with regard to media habits – says Nielsen. They watch television with the eyes glued on it, and they are still on the television while ads are playing but eyes glued …


Netflix And Hulu to Arrive on Nintendo Switch

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 14 March,2017

The recently launched Nintendo Switch did not come with any video streaming service at the time of its launch. However, in a recent interview with The Washington Post Nitendo America’s president Reggie Fils-Aime stated that these services are on the horizon and Nintendo is in talks with companies like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon. “We’re talking to a …


Netflix usage in USA tops the DVR ownership

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 09 March,2017

According to Leichtman Research, USA adults now report having Netflix in their homes than  a DVR, for the very first time. According to the study, 54% US adults have Netflix, while some 53% have a DVR. In comparison, Netflix usage stood at just 28% in 2011 while DVR ownership was 44%. “Today, over 50% of households have …


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