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Keep Track of Your Live Stream Performance With Real-Time Analytics 29 September 2023

The live streaming market is growing at a rapid pace, and multiple industries are using live streaming for multiple purposes. For live streamers, it is important to analyze the performance of their live streams, so that they can understand which … Continue reading

Analyse Content Performance To Drive Growth, with Muvi Player SDK’s Engagement Analytics 08 September 2023

Businesses use video player SDKs to place video content on their websites. These videos are often meant to increase user engagement. And that is why, tracking the performance of these videos becomes all the more important.  Using Muvi Player SDK’s … Continue reading

Tracking Streaming Success Now Made Easy – With Muvi Flex Analytics! 28 June 2023

For every streaming business, knowing if the streamed content is working or not is important. Accurate analysis of content performance can help businesses decide their content strategy and future roadmap.  But, many streaming businesses fail to analyze and track the … Continue reading

How Analytics Help Make Accurate Business Decisions [Infographic] 28 March 2023

With Muvi One Analytics, making accurate business decisions become extremely easy for streaming business entrepreneurs. Loaded with powerful features, Muvi One analytics brings every single business insight directly to your dashboard.      Take your streaming business to new heights … Continue reading

Muvi One – Analytics – The Power to Make Accurate Business Decisions 27 January 2023

  Data plays a critical role in the success of any streaming business. Keeping track of content performance, user data, and revenue data helps you take the necessary steps to optimize your OTT business. And Muvi One’s Analytics module can … Continue reading