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Apple Vision Pro – What It Is And How It Works? 14 June 2023

When we were a bit younger, some of us used to watch fantasy movies, where people would wear special glasses that let you navigate through the digital files and data anywhere in your room – over the walls, in your … Continue reading

Valve with Steam enters 360 Video Streaming Service race. 18 October 2016

360 video is coming to Steam and it appears as if Valve are aiming excessive in phrases of the high-quality they’re aiming to supply to purchaser VR headsets. Nonetheless, after years of writing about so-referred to as groundbreaking 360 camera … Continue reading

VR is a niche market, but is growing fast 05 August 2016

VR remains a niche market at this writing, but it’s a growing one with huge potential. Several consumer headsets and VR cameras are now available to ship to consumers. According to Forrester Research, there will be 52 million headsets sold … Continue reading