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Apple Vision Pro – What It Is And How It Works?

Debarpita Banerjee Published on : 14 June 2023
Apple Vision Pro - What it is and how it works

When we were a bit younger, some of us used to watch fantasy movies, where people would wear special glasses that let you navigate through the digital files and data anywhere in your room – over the walls, in your garden, or even over the water of your swimming pool! In 2023, that dreamy fantasy world is going to become a reality. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about Apple Vision Pro

Over the years, all of us have been eagerly waiting for Apple VR headsets, and they are finally here, though this time, they are actually one step above VR headsets. Rather, they are one of the first MR headsets! 

Apple Vision Pro – the most ambitious project Apple has ever worked on – is set to revolutionize the virtual world. It is going to change the way you interact with the web. Forget keyboards, screens, or pen tabs, you will now be able to see everything from the web right in front of your eyes, using simple voice and gesture commands, by wearing Apple Vision Pro!

If you are curious to know more about this amazingly mystifying Apple headset, then read this blog till the end. We are going to discuss everything you need to know about Apple Vision Pro, starting from what it is, how it works, how much will it cost, and how will it impact you. So, let’s begin.  

So, What is Apple Vision Pro Actually?

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro is one of the most advanced VR (and somewhat MR) headsets that the world has ever seen. It brings you to the whole new world of SPATIAL COMPUTING. 

These Apple VR headsets are designed to give you optimal comfort while offering a totally immersive web experience. You can browse through apps, photos, movies, and much more! Play games, attend work meetings, and do anything you want to do, from anywhere in the world. 

The design is comfortable and compact, which makes it easy to carry, wear and use.

  • The three-dimensionally formed laminated glasses are enclosed within an aluminum alloy frame. 
  • The light seal blocks unnecessary outside light while delivering the perfect fit without scrunching your face.  
  • The stretchable headband lets you adjust the vision pro appropriately on your head while providing appropriate cushion to breathe comfortably. 
  • The external battery gets you going for two hours at a stretch, while you can always plugin and use the headset for endless hours. 
  • You can enjoy rich spatial sound through the speakers positioned close enough to your ears, but yet not directly within the ears (as most of the noise canceling headphones do), hence allowing you to hear the sounds from your surroundings too!
  • The glass reveals your eyes in the front. Hence, anyone sitting in front of you would instantly know whether you are immersed in an app or not.            

How Does Apple Vision Pro Work?

Apple Vision Pro uses advanced 3D cameras and sensors that work in perfect sync to offer you the best Spatial Computing experience. The laminated glasses in the front work as the optimal surface through which these cameras and sensors see the world around you. 

This Apple headset works on visionOS – a specially designed operating system that lets you control the entire virtual ecosystem using eye expressions, hand gestures, and voice commands. You can view the available apps through the glasses, lay over your wall or the surroundings that you are in, and operate the apps using voice commands and movements of your hands and eyes. 

visionOS – Apple’s First Spatial OS

visionOS is built on the foundations of macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. It brings you a completely interactive style of computing, which is now called spatial computing. According to Apple, it is their first spatial computing OS, and probably the best you have ever used. 

So, when you wear the VR headset, the apps come to life and spread across the entire canvas of your room. You can move the app menu up and down by lifting your fingers upwards or downwards as if you are actually pinching the menu and sliding it up or down. 

Once you get the app you want to open, just tap on it (make a similar gesture using your fingers ?) and the app will open up for you. You can then use and operate the app using either the virtual keyboard (yes, you will be literally typing in the air for it ?) or giving voice commands for typing the sentences that you speak.          

Apple Vision Pro – Features, Price & Release Date

Apple Vision Pro brings some amazing features that we have never experienced before. Though it is difficult to list all of them, we have tried to cover the most prominent ones below.

  • You can scale the apps spread across you to your comfort, and change between the tabs or screens just by a glance. Its advanced eye-tracking system helps you select the elements you are looking at.  
  • It lets you browse the web via Safari browser. You can even use notes, chat to send messages and a lot of other applications. 
  • You can even expand your multimedia content, like movies and games, to the size that enchants you the most. 
  • Apple claims that the video quality offered through Vision Pro will be even greater than a 4K TV, as if you are watching them being present there, through your naked eyes! 
  • Also, Vision Pro will be the first 3D camera by Apple. So, when you record any video and then revisit it using vision pro, it will actually feel like looking into the past.  
  • With Vision Pro, you can connect with your friends anytime, from anywhere. It offers advanced meeting and collaborative features, where the people joining the meeting will appear to be in the same space as you, via FaceTime video tiles. 
  • With Vision Pro, you can even change your real surroundings. You can change your home into a beautiful landscape such as a forest, or replace the ceiling with a rainy sky. 

Major Features of Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro Specifications

Apple is known for making some of the gems of hardware engineering. And this time, they have gone one step further, by developing one of the most sophisticated headsets. Let’s take you through some of the major talking points of Apple Vision Pro



Picture Quality

Apple Vision Pro is built with a custom micro-OLED display, which offers a stunning high-resolution picture with 23 million pixels. 

Spatial Audio System

Dual-driver audio pods offer an amazing spatial audio experience.

Eye Tracking System

The eye tracking system comprises LED and infrared cameras that project invisible light patterns to both your eyes. 

High-Resolution Cameras

A pair of these high res cameras transmit over one billion pixels per second. It makes you see the world around you clearly. 

Real-time 3D Mapping

Precise head and hand tracking, powered by real-time 3D mapping, makes gesture tracking more accurate than ever. 

Dual-chip Performance

The M2 chip runs visionOS and executes advanced computer vision algorithms. R1 chips process camera inputs sensor inputs and mic inputs. 

Optic ID

Secured access through Iris Scanning-based authentication system. 

How Much Will Apple Vision Pro Cost?

Well surprisingly enough, Apple has announced the price of Apple Vision Pro even before it is out for sale in the market. These stunning Apple VR headsets (and some of them are already saying it is actually MR – Mixed Reality ?) will be priced at US$ 3499 at the beginning when they will be available in the US markets next year. 

But, here’s one thing to ponder upon. If you are aware of Apple’s ideal chronology of naming things, you might have noticed that this Apple headset is being called Apple Vision Pro (emphasizing the “Pro” word). Now, have you ever seen an iPhone Pro before an iPhone? Or an airPod Pro before an airPod? NO right?

But, now we have a Vision Pro, before Vision or Vision One. That is precisely why many experts are suggesting that Apple is already working on a cheaper version of its VR headset, which might release by 2025.  

When will Apple Vision Pro be released?

Apple Vision Pro is expected to hit the US markets in early 2024, though the official and final date is not declared yet. However, an official release in early 2024 is finalized.            

Pros and Cons of Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro gives you some unique benefits, but it is not deprived of cons too. 


  • It offers the best performance in the industry, as it packs two powerful processors in one set. 
  • The design is extremely sleek and funky.
  • The 3D camera and picture quality are extremely compelling. 


  • Battery backup is not so great, only two hours. 
  • The eyesight might become a bit creepy, especially if used in the long term. 
  • It is extremely expensive, so might be out of reach for lower-middle-class people. 

What Will It Mean For You?

Trust us, it will mean a lot. In fact, if you are a corporate employee, content creator, teacher, photographer or video curator, or just a movie buff or sports lover, Apple Vision Pro can revolutionize your day-to-day life. 

It can have many benefits, like:

  • You don’t need to sit in a fixed place to attend meetings anymore. You can actually connect with your seniors, friends, and even students on the go!
  • Navigating through the app menus become effortless, with a fully immersive experience. 
  • Have you recently lost one of your close ones? Do you have any videos with them? Apple Vision Pro will actually let you revisit that time, as you will be fully immersed in the video.
  • The 3D camera will give life to your photography passion, or even profession.              

What to Expect Further In the Future? 

In the future, Apple will be launching an affordable version of it, as the current version is a bit too expensive. But, it will be a bit difficult to do, as the current version is quite expensive to build, and even at its slated price, it will bring very less profit to Apple.    

Also, more and more apps will become compatible with visionOS. Currently, many apps are developed by Apple, and some of the apps already available on all the other Apple’s OS will be available in visionOS too. But with time, as the visionOS becomes more and more evolved, the developers will come forward to launch their apps for this platform too! 

Also, many no-code OTT App Builders like Muvi One, who already offer apps for iOS and Apple TV (tvOS), are planning to support visionOS too, in the near future. When that happens, you will be able to launch an app for Apple Vision Pro using Muvi One very easily, without writing a single line of code! But currently, you can launch your own iOS or Apple TV app instantly with Muvi One, do try it out, if you are looking to launch a video streaming app for Apple devices. 

To Sum Up

Apple Vision Pro is definitely the next big thing in the world of spatial computing. It is going to break the barriers of screens and physical computers, by moving everything to the realms of virtual and mixed reality. 

This Apple Headset is designed to give an optimal immersive experience with immense comfort. However, it will be launched at a bit higher price segment in the market. The possibilities are endless, we will have to wait to see if it succeeds in delivering up to the expectations. 


What are the key features of Apple Vision Pro?

The key features of Apple Vision Pro are as follows:

  • You can control everything you do with simple hand gestures, eye movements, and voice commands. 
  • It will use Iris Scan to offer secured access. 
  • The spatial audio system is located near your ears, but it will let you hear the sounds from your surroundings. 
  • The Micro-OLED glass will offer a high-resolution display that’s probably higher than a 4K TV. 
  • Dual-chip processing will help smoothen up the overall performance. 
  • 3D cameras will help capture life-like visuals. 

Is Apple Vision Pro a virtual reality (VR) headset or a mixed reality (MR) headset?

Technically, Apple Vision Pro will use both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). So, such types of headsets are often called Mixed Reality (MR) headsets. 

What is Spatial Computing?

Spatial Computing is a type of 3D computing, where you interact with 3D data models, generated by AR-VR and AI. It is also called Ambient Computing, as it is not restricted to any specific screen, rather, it spreads through your surroundings. 

What is visionOS? How does it differ from other Apple operating systems?

VisionOS is the new spatial computing operating system designed by Apple. This OS specifically focuses on interactive and ambient computing. Though it is based on the principles followed by Apple’s other operating systems, it is far more interactive and user-driven than any of them. 

Can I use Apple Vision Pro for browsing the web?

Yes, you can use Apple Vision Pro for browsing the web. It will have Safari web browser pre-installed for this purpose. 

Does Apple Vision Pro have a virtual keyboard?

Yes, Apple Vision Pro has a virtual keyboard, rather a spatial keyboard to be precise, which can be used to give commands while operating the apps, or typing something. 

What is the picture quality like on Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro is built with a single glass display that is actually a custom micro-OLED display. It offers a stunning high-resolution picture with 23 million pixels for each one of your eyes. Hence, technically it is even better than a 4K TV. 

Does Apple Vision Pro have a 3D camera?

Yes, Apple Vision Pro will use one of Apple’s first 3D cameras. 

Can I use Apple Vision Pro for virtual meetings and collaborations?

Yes, Apple Vision Pro offers advanced collaborative features like FaceTime video tiles for meetings, and hence you will feel as if you are meeting the person in the same room, face-to-face. 

Can I customize my surroundings with Apple Vision Pro?

Yes, you can change your surroundings, for example, you can choose to be in a forest, a mountain, or even on an island!

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Written by: Debarpita Banerjee

Debarpita is a Content Writer with Muvi. With around 2 years of experience in content creation, she has worked across industries like SaaS, EdTech, eLearning, AR-VR, and Metaverse. She believes in delivering content that can be of some value to the readers. In her free time, she likes to try her hand at website and app development.

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