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Build your video library instantly

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Build a rich video content library on the Muvi platform. Play with multiple options available with Muvi such as multi-format uploading, sub-titling, transcoding, etc. in the CMS and operationalize your video library instantly.

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  • Video Addition
  • Multiple Format Support
  • Auto-Transcoding
  • Subtitling
  • Easy Upload

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Add Video Content

Upload video files using the Muvi CMS and add them to the library with ease. Create a rich, sizable composition of video content and publish them in no time.

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Support Multiple Formats

You can upload video files in multiple formats to your library using Muvi. Be it the most common formats such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, etc., or niche formats such as DivX, H.264, ProRes, ASF, etc; Muvi supports it all.

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As a platform owner, you do not have to transcode your video files by yourself. You just upload the video file and the Muvi platform transcodes it for you automatically. No more waiting for long minutes to transcode each file. Muvi transcodes instantly while on the upload, even with bulk uploads.

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Filter, Sort, and Search

Muvi lets you build a hygienic library which is indexable and accessible conveniently. Build well-arranged and ordered video library where you can easily filter, sort, and search relevant content based on parameters.

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Add Subtitles

For your diverse viewer profile, it is important that your service supports content in multiple languages. Muvi lets you localize your content by providing you the option to add subtitles to your video files. You also have the option to modify the file name for each subtitle and specify a different display name for each subtitle.

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Animated Thumbnails

Thumbnails are to videos, what covers are to books. An attractive thumbnail is a good click-bait and will largely influence viewer action. Muvi supports animated thumbnails which include multiple frames from each video file and give an insight into the content of the particular file.

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Video Properties Access

Let account administrators manage your library with ease. Let them access reports and content details on your platform. The Muvi CMS grants you instant access to file properties in your video library such as length, frame size, frame rate, resolution, format, etc.

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Easy Upload

Muvi makes video file upload easier than ever. Unlike any typical content interface, where uploading videos is an irksome task with unwanted delays and unsolicited upload errors; the Muvi platform uses sophisticated technology to make the process of bulk video file uploads easy and error-free.

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