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Top 6 Tips For Better OTT Advertising

Leena Fernandes Published on : 25 April 2021
Top 6 Tips For Better OTT Advertising


Is your ad revenue up to the mark?

Are your online viewers skipping your ad the most instead of clicking on it?

Is your ad becoming boring for your online viewers?

The OTT platform is a great medium to host ads and earn from them. Since the popularity of the OTT players and streaming services are rising in demand, it gives publishers like you the opportunity to earn better revenue with OTT advertising that is more targeted and ensures your ad budget is utilized in the right space. But are you content with the ad revenue you’re receiving?

There are multiple publishers who are experiencing low ad revenue right now and the reasons are not just limited to ads being annoying. Maybe, you just have to upgrade the way you showcase your ads which is exactly what this blog will help you understand.

Rise In Low Ad Revenue: The Cause

While the most common issue is that ads are annoying, there are other issues that are being overlooked.

Did you know that ads can cause buffering?

Due to the ad format, there can be times where it takes time for ads to display hence increasing the buffering time. Your online viewers are used to the idea of accessing instant content and anything making them wait is an opportunity for them to walk away and this is one of the other reasons why your ad revenue is dropping. 

Did you also know that your ads are being ignored? As per studies, “The average person gets bombarded with over 1,700 banner ads per month, but only sees half of them.”

You could design the best ad to capture the viewer’s attention, but if your ad isn’t relevant, it will be ignored. For example, say that you’re live-streaming a podcast related to sales growth and suddenly your audience sees an ad that is speaking about real estate, do you think they would have hit on that ad?

The ad is irrelevant and doesn’t relate to what the viewers are looking at. This can also cause frustration to the viewers and make them walk away. These hassles can all be avoided when you enhance the way your ads are being exhibited. 

Top 6 Ways To Improve AVOD In OTT

  1. Showcase Tailored Ads

Start to showcase ads that are relevant to your audience. Refrain from displaying any kind of ads that have nothing to do with what your viewers want to see because you will only be pushing them away. 

  1. Make Use Of Server-Side Ad Insertion

Server-side Ad Insertion also known as Dynamic Ad Insertion lets ads and video to stitch together to avoid the action of ad blocker software. With dynamic ad insertion, as video and ads get stitched together, viewability of ads increases. Ad-blocking software which blocks pre-roll ads become of no use since ads are stitched throughout the video.

  1. Design Ads With Lesser Load Times

When designing ads, ensure that you Identify the ad networks which cause slow page loads and avoid them. Ensure your ads are not too large and easily compressible. Also, you need to test the ad loading time across platforms and devices especially mobiles devices as 70% of total web traffic and 72% of digital ad spend now taking place on mobile. Your online viewers would prefer looking at a short ad continuously rather than waiting for a second more for it to load. As stated earlier, you don’t want one buffering symbol to push your viewers away. 

  1. Display Ads On Live Streams More

The best factor about live streaming in OTT is it exhibits content in real-time which means that when your viewers are streaming content they like, they wouldn’t mind seeing an ad that has just popped up. As stated earlier, ensure that your ads are relevant for your online viewers to view.

  1. Maintain Ad Frequency

Too many ads can get annoying which is why the skip button is clicked on often. Keep your ad minimal and showcase it on content for a limited time such as maybe once at the beginning of the on-demand content or in the middle accordingly. 

  1. Use the power of Ad Analytics

Another way to enhance the ad-supported OTT experience is to study your ad performance. With detailed reports, you’ll be able to understand what ad content has the average ad viewing time, what types of ads were skipped and not skipped etc. 

Wrapping Up

Online viewers would prefer viewing ads that are of interest to them which is why you need to ensure that your ads are no longer clogging their streaming/ viewing experience on the OTT platforms. 

For this to take place, you need the assistance of an ad server that can help you exhibit targeted ads to your online viewers. Muvi Ads is a reliable ad server that lets you host and deliver multi-format ads on multiple platforms. 

Get started on Muvi Ads with the 14-day free trial today.

Written by: Leena Fernandes

A writer by choice, Leena is a Content Writer at Muvi. She specializes in writing engaging blogs and has more than three years of experience in the content marketing field. When she isn’t playing with words, Leena engrosses herself in criminal and thriller novels.

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