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How to Build Your Health and Fitness App and Live Stream?

Sreejata Basu Published on : 14 July 2021
How to Build your Health and Fitness Live Streaming App


The health and fitness app market is expected to grow by USD 3.50 billion during 2021-2025, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Taking into account the booming adoption of IoT, led by wearable devices, it is no wonder that Health & Fitness was among the most popular app categories. According to Pew Research Center, 21% of Americans own a smartwatch or fitness tracker. If your fitness studio is closed due to lockdown restrictions, or if you are willing to connect to a larger audience base, it’s an opportune moment to launch your white label health and fitness app online and monetize it. This blog will give you all the information you need regarding kinds of fitness apps, features and how to launch and monetize your app. 


Different Types of Health and Fitness Apps

Let’s take a look at the kinds of health and fitness apps that help users to maintain their health and well being:

1. Online Fitness Apps– These are popular apps that allow customers to connect with a personal trainer online  who help them set goals and track progress based on their workout plans. 


2. Nutrition Monitoring Apps–  Nutrition monitoring apps help you to create nutritional awareness guiding you to create meal plans with a measured amount of calorie intake suitable to your body type. Features may include calorie counters, meal plan preparations, grocery shopping ideas, etc.

3. Activity Tracking Apps– Activity tracking apps are generally paired with wearable devices such as smart watches however there are also stand alone apps. Such apps collect metrics like running speed and distance, users’ location on the map, heart rate and elevation. 

4. Yoga Apps– Yoga apps are very popular amongst youngsters and they mostly teach you various asanas and breathing exercises for maintaining a physically and mentally fit body and mind.


Muvi Live App allows you to instantly start streaming from your iOS and Android phones. All you have to do is simply log in from your Muvi Live App, go live in seconds, and monitor and analyze your live stream in real-time.

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How to Make your Fitness App Stand Out?

While each health and fitness app may have a unique set of features, there are a few basic features that you should keep in mind when you are building your fitness app from the ground-up. These exclusive features will make your fitness app stand out amongst others.


Did you Know: The revenue in the Digital Fitness & Well-Being segment is projected to reach US$73,850.06m in 2021.


Live Streaming Videos


live streaming fitness classes


Live streaming, in particular, has redefined the gym as we know it, opening the four walled room to an exciting new virtual doorway of energy and community spirit. Creating a health and fitness live streaming app has proven to be beneficial for many online trainers. Live stream fitness is predicted to grow by 35%. There are many benefits of live streaming fitness classes:


1. Live streaming allows you to maintain your normal class schedule and follow your workout routine.


2. Live streaming allows for a scope of personal connection between you and your customer which is a great advantage in times of the pandemic. You can directly see how your coach is performing the exercises and this gives better clarity and helps you perform your workouts better.


3. The social interaction that comes from live streaming fitness classes is a source of great advantage for both you and your clients. The live interaction helps motivate and support your customers throughout the workout, just the way you would in an in-person class. 

4. With live streaming, you don’t have to deal with hours of editing. It takes the same amount of time as your class schedule, and you have much more flexibility. 

Muvi Live App enables you to live stream all your fitness sessions with ultra-low latency so that your viewers can attend the at-home workouts and stay fit. That too, without any OBS integration hassles! No technicalities whatsoever.


Video-On-Demand Tutorials

Creating VoD fitness tutorials is an excellent way to train your customers as they can pause, rewind and play the videos as many times they want until they have got a clear understanding of the workout sessions. Also by creating VoD content,  you give the opportunity to your clients to watch the content at their own pace, in their free time. Research has it that viewers understand and perform better when they watch on-demand videos of their trainers- it helps them get trained at their own pace. 

Even though on-demand fitness videos do not have the option of real-time communication like live streaming, coaches can create polls after the training to learn the difficulties that users experienced. The main advantage is that the video is always available and can be downloaded by users.


Social Streaming 


social streaming


It’s hard to imagine a fitness app without social media integration in the 21st century. In order to make your fitness app stand out, integration with social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook is a must. Sharing, chatting with friends, and interacting with others will allow users to spend more time in the app, which will have a positive impact on the app’s KPIs.

Muvi Live app not only embeds the live sessions into your website but also streams all the sessions on multiple social media platforms. It also offers integration with social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook so that you could concurrently stream on multiple platforms


How to Build a Stunning Fitness App?

With Muvi Live App, building a health and fitness app is simple- with just a few clicks, your app would be go-to market ready.  


Step 1- Sign up With Muvi Live

You will have to purchase the subscription of Muvi Live Server- for that you would have to Click on “Purchase Subscription” on the top right corner of your page and click on “Checkout” and enter your card details!


Step 2- Install Muvi Live App

Just visit the Google Play Store and download and install Muvi Live App


Step 3- Add Live Stream in Muvi Live App

Just log in to the app, Tap on “Add Stream”, Type the “Stream Title” and Tap on “Save Title” to save the live stream.


Step 4- Start Live Streaming

To start the live stream in the Live App, tap on “Start Stream”. When asked for confirmation, tap on “Yes” to start the live stream and Tap on “Go Live” on the bottom of the app. That’s it.

No OBS integration is required. All you have to do is set up your mobile device and start live streaming your fitness sessions.


How to Monetize your Fitness App?

Your health and fitness app is ready but you also need to monetize it for incurring a steady flow of revenue. You can monetize your fitness app by taking help of the most popular monetization models



One of the most popular monetization models is subscriptions where You charge your users to make a one-time purchase of the app. In this way you offer users a subscription for a week, month, year, or any other period with a prepayment for the expected period of using the app. 



Freemium Model

The basic functionality of a fitness app with a freemium model is users get all the basic features for free but it is possible to unlock some premium features like personalized training sessions, live chats, ad removal, etc through in-app purchases. 



An ad-supported strategy lets  you display advertisements inside the app. There are two options here- The first is to include a contract directly with an advertiser (a manufacturer of sports nutrition company) and brand the application for it. The second is to connect the ad networks SDK and use those networks to broadcast the ads. 




This monetization model allows you to charge a one-time fee from your users for getting access to live or VoD content. For example if you are uploading an exclusive video series on Aerobics, you can charge a one-time fee from your viewers so they can pay and watch the content. 


Muvi Live App enables you to monetize all your live fitness sessions based on different models such as pay per view, subscription, and ad insertion. You can start generating revenue right from your first session irrespective of the number of viewers. 


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Written by: Sreejata Basu

Sreejata is the Manager for Muvi’s Content Marketing unit. She is a passionate writer with a background in English Literature and music. By week Sreejata spends her time in the corporate world of Muvi, but on weekends she likes to take short hiking trips, watch movies and read interesting travelogues.

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