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6 Ways How Videos Will Redefine Your Marketing Strategy in 2019

Roshan Dwivedi Published on : 08 March 2019
Redefining Marketing Strategies with Videos

Video marketing in 2018 was a huge hit. Companies started adopting videos in their marketing strategy and realized the power of videos in taking leads down the funnel. The Google Trends graph clearly shows how the interest in creating videos has surged over time leading to the boom in video marketing.


The Growing Interest in Making Videos


I wouldn’t say every marketer woke up one day and started creating videos. There are still a lot of companies which think videos are left to those who possess loads of time and a massive spending budget. There are also those who don’t see the necessity to have one for their business offerings.

If you fall into one either of these thoughts, this article will prove that your concerns can be quickly addressed. You will understand the real value of video marketing and be convinced that video needs to be an essential part of redefining your marketing strategy in 2019.

Video Marketing Strategy for 2019: 6 Video Trends That Weigh The Most

Be it a newbie in creating videos, or just starting to include videos in your marketing strategy, or a professional video creator, this article will show you the way in cracking your efforts.

1. Telling Stories through Videos

A good story is what everyone looks for. That is why we spend a hefty amount of dollars on entertainment. Now with OTT platforms like Netflix on the rise, best storytellers rule the audience. A good story draws us into the narrative and captures us into the world of visuals.

Just as movies capture us into their world, so too can business videos. Stories are effective in communicating your brand as they cut through the fluff.

I know it can be intimidating to get into the habit of telling stories rather than trying to sell with videos. Trust me; once you start telling stories, you are going to love the results.

To start with, don’t show your audience how great your product is. Instead, narrate a remarkable story that allows them to uncover the greatness of your product on their own.

DollarShaveClub did just that. Watch the video.


DollarShaveClub narrates their Remarkable Story

Source Link:


Here’s a rule of thumb to narrating business stories. Say you want to show your customer case study in a video. In the first 30 seconds, show your audience who your customers are and their business. In the next 30 seconds, detail the business problem they encounter and at last, reveal how to solve that problem with the help of your product or service offering. But all this in a creative way like how DollarShaveClub did. Else it’s just going to be another tedious case study.

2. Videos in Landing Pages

“Video increases the number of times people look at your content and substantially increases landing page conversion rates,” says Beth Cooper, while predicting Marketing Trends for 2019.  

When your landing page is text-based, visual factor in the page poses a challenge. Video on landing pages acts as an engagement medium where visitors can understand your business offerings without having to read much.

Take a look at Keap’s landing page video. Keap’s storytelling is so brilliant that it captures the empathy of the viewer and at the same time communicates what the brand is about.


Landing Page Video of keap



Reasons Why Video on Landing Pages Works:

  • Video appeals to all types of audiences.
  • Video increases the average time on page (good measurement factor in SEO)
  • If you introduce yourself, your company employees, or your customers in the video, the trust factor improves drastically.
  • If your business is hard to explain, video on landing pages is an excellent way to walk a prospect through, and solve complex nuances effectively.


Preference of Videos for Learning

Source: Clumcreative


3. Video Testimonials

We create customer testimonials to help the potential customer understand why they should buy the product and how it can be beneficial in solving their problem. Customer testimonials convince potential customers and move them closer to conversion.

But with attention spans decreasing (only 8 seconds!), and audiences looking for snackable content that is human and interesting, video testimonials are the way to go.

Video Testimonials Vs. Text-based Testimonials

If you are still using text-based testimonials on your website, you are missing out on a lot of lead conversions. A video testimonial is the best way to win the trust of your potential customers and increase the lead conversion ratio.

The best way to collect video testimonials from your customers is by sending a personalized link to ask for a customer testimonial. With video marketing and sales platform like Hippo Video, collecting video testimonials from your customers is an easy task. Your customers can easily submit their videos via a link, and you can show them off on your website.


Collecting Video Testimonials

Source: Hippo Video


4. Video Emails

Your customers don’t care about sales, irrelevant and spamming emails anymore. I mean, who opens an email when it’s clear intention is to sell? Nearly half of pushy emails are deleted within 2 seconds.

If you want your customers to care about your offerings, then you should be ready to put in efforts to care about them. Where do you get started?

Start by sending personalized emails with relevant context. Personalized emails improve CTR by 14%. Sending personalized emails lends a face to your message, adds a beating heart to your words. It shows that you care for them. Show some love to earn your customer’s trust. This way you can make your emails get treasured rather than trashed.

Here’s a video, created at Hippo Video, it shows just how much of a positive impact personalized video emails can have on your overall email-marketing performance.


Impact of Personalized Video Emails


When you send one-to-one personalized emails or mass personalized email campaigns like this, the chances of conversions are reliably high. Personalization can mean just greeting your customers with their name or company logo, or tailoring the email content to meet individual customer’s interests and needs.

5. Video Hubs

According to TechTarget’s research reports, it’s shown that global tech buyers need to go through at least seven pieces of content before deciding to buy. And with attention span reaching a steep low to 8 seconds, it is better if there is a  dedicated “videos” section on your website. Your prospects can binge on all the videos to explore what your brand has to offer in quick time.

Like YouTube channels, a Video Hub showcases all your videos. But with business benefits. With video hubs, you can organize your videos in one centralized location, customize the video player for branding purposes to keep your audience engaged.

6. OTT Player

The emergence of Netflix and other video streaming platforms have fuelled content consumption across multiple devices at one’s own convenience. Live streaming is in vogue and on-demand streaming has become a part of everyone’s life. It’s time to thrive on such opportunities and build your own video/audio streaming channel.

Providing an end-to-end, zero coding Video & Audio streaming platform, Muvi has been in news recently for allowing content creators/owners to build online streaming channel instantly! So, venture into digital video business and start monetizing your content right away.


Muvi The Worlds Fastest Deployable Highly Customizable OTT Platform



Derive the best out of 2019 by redefining your marketing strategy with these six video trends. Have something to add? Join the discussion in the comments section.



Guest Post Contributed By Sanjana.

Sanjana works as a Product Marketer at Hippo Video and frequently writes about Video Marketing Strategies, Video Tools, SaaS, CRO, and EdTech. Follow her on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Written by: Roshan Dwivedi

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