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Is it time to switch to video streaming completely for your business?

Roshan Dwivedi Published on : 04 June 2015


Mediocre quality, infuriating customer service, high prices: If you’re stuck with the cable like most others, you hate your cable and internet company (some more so than others) — and that’s only getting worse now.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index in 2013 found out top cable networks as companies with highest customer dissatisfaction. The list of the worst (biggest ones though) performing Cable and Internet networks looked like this :-

  1. Time Warner Cable – 60
  2. Comcast – 63
  3. Charter Communications – 64
  4. Cox Communications – 65

No, this is still not it. You need to see what ACSI had to say in 2014! The ignominious list looked like this :-

  1. Time Warner Cable – 56
  2. Comcast – 60
  3. Charter Communications – 60
  4. Cox Communications – 63

You still think your cable’s hanging on to it and it’s going to work out well for you in the end.  You don’t want to give up and go OTT. Wait…ACSI has a list in 2015 as well. And that says :-

  1. Time Warner Cable – 51
  2. Comcast – 54
  3. Charter Communications – 63
  4. Cox Communications – 62

The average customer satisfaction ratings for the top video on demand streaming services were in great contrast. The best ones were:-

  1. Netflix – 79 (2013), 81 (2014)
  2. Amazon – 85 (2013), 88 (2014), 86 (2015)

This is just an indicator of public mood on cable networks. The disenchantment has led to people getting in to ‘cord-cutting’ and moving towards over-the-top video on demand services and in the next decade, OTT is assumed to eclipse cable completely and position video streaming as the most accessible and feasible content viewing format. So much so, that most cable companies have either acquired or started OTT VoD services to match up to their video streaming rivals like Netflix.

In the near future, when content owners and the audience alike move towards online video, they are going to need good Video On Demand Platforms. That’s where many of them are going to opt for Muvi. Zero setup costs. Zero maintenance hassles. Going live from scratch in hours.

Video streaming made simpler. With Muvi.

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Written by: Roshan Dwivedi

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