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Muvi API for Streaming Website? Well, What’s in there for You? 14 February 2020

Muvi API for Streaming Website


APIs are working behind the scenes in almost every business that involve software architecture of any sort. Streaming platforms or websites have not failed to embrace it too. 

Well, as your curiosity for API has brought you here, let us not waste more time and get straight to it!

API stands for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to interact with each other. 

Basically, it acts as a messenger that delivers any software request.

But what about the term “Muvi API” that is mentioned in the title of this blog? 

Muvi APIs help you in building apps and websites wherein you use audio or video as a communication and delivery medium, all without any complexities. 

Muvi API for streaming platform

By using Muvi API, software developers, re-sellers, and any 3rd party app developers can use Muvi’s video streaming engine and deliver enhanced video experience to the customers and end-users. 


Muvi API for Streaming Website

Let’s understand this with the question: “Is it that your streaming website cannot exist without an API?”  Technically, your streaming website will exist and perform optimally without it.

“So why would you need Muvi API for your streaming website?”

Muvi API for Streaming Website

To keep providing better streaming experience to your viewers, you would need to keep adding new features to your audio/video streaming website. And this is where Muvi caters to this requirement with its 500+ features for your website.

However, to build these on your streaming website, you would need Muvi APIs. 


How to get Muvi API to your website? 

To get Muvi API for your streaming website, you need to subscribe to Muvi. You can then go to “Advanced” under “Settings” in Muvi CMS to get your API authorization key. 



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