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Muvi Studio DIY VoD Platform : The One-Click Video Streaming Platform Builder

Roshan Dwivedi Published on : 04 March 2015
2 Click Platform

We are excited to announce the addition of ‘Auto Signup’ feature to Muvi, with a ‘FREE 14-DAYS TRIAL’ bundled with all premium features. The FREE TRIAL button is a single click pathway to owning your own branded Video streaming platform, in less than 24 hours!

  • What is Auto-Signup like?

‘Auto Signup’ looks to make the sign-up and platform building a hassle free process and reduce reliance on others to run the model. Say, about 10 minutes, is all it takes to kick start you own Video-On-Demand model across Web, Mobile and Connected TV’s with media boxes like Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox One, build Playstation app etc. and start monetizing your video content.

  • Zero Dependence: The Do-It-Yourself VoD Platform

With Muvi Studio’s quick-build VoD platform, ends the need for a dedicated technical team or even the need to be dependent on somebody else for updating content. With the built in CMS and video management system, we take the ‘tech’ out of ‘tech support’. Not just that, you also get to select a revenue model of your choice e.g. SVoD, TVoD and AVoD etc.

  • No free lunches? We don’t think so!

The Auto-Signup feature brings you a 14-days fully featured trial for a test drive of the entire platform. If going live and monetizing content in minutes and doing that for FREE was not enough, we are making it a no-bills-raised bundle for the first 14 days! Even after the TRIAL ends, there are no licensing costs, no hardware costs and ZERO upfront fees. Just pay for the bandwidth you use along the way.

  • But how do I make money out of it?

Muvi Studio is completely tailored to meet your content distribution requirement. You get to choose the revenue model that suits you the best e.g. SVoD (Subscription-based Video on Demand), TVoD (Transactional Video on Demand with Pay-Per-View content), AVoD (Ad-supported Video on Demand) or a hybrid of all of theses mentioned models. etc. At Muvi Studio, we look to make your first experience as a digital content distributor, a memorable one. We bring to your table a tool to distribute your digital content on your own and making money out of it, rather than relying on a tech team or a distribution agency. Besides that, you get to customize the complete feel of the portal using built-in templates (or even ask us to make one for you for a one-time fee!) and get content protection abilities with options like geo blocking, DRM protection and state-of-art encryption. An in-built Return-on-Investment calculator helps you to weigh properly your investment against predicted returns.

  • How much of this do I really control?

It’s YOUR IP (Intellectual Property), YOUR domain, YOUR portal, YOUR content, YOUR business, YOUR revenue model, YOUR traffic and YOUR money through YOUR OWN payment gateway to YOUR bank account. All that we do is partnering at the backend with the technology and leave you to drive your business YOUR way.

At Muvi Studio, we are not just offering VoD platforms. We are offering every content owner a spectacular opportunity to ride the revolution of over-the-top video-on-demand services.

Sign-up with Muvi Studio today and start monetizing your content for…FREE!

Take a tour of the Muvi Studio-powered VoD Platform Builder.

Written by: Roshan Dwivedi

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