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Online is wherever the audience is, and with Muvi, you can now stream on Sony PS4/PS5, the personal gaming space of 103 million users. Sony PS5, touted as the next-gen gaming console, is causing a frenzy in the gaming community. It's time for you to join the elites in the virtual world of PS5 consoles and cater to the bingeing habits of millennials and Gen Z.

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  • Native App
  • Completely White-labeled
  • Native Video App
  • Joystick Support
  • Multi-language Support

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Native App

Unlock the power of a native streaming app built on the defined programming standard of Sony PlayStation. Reduce maintenance costs and ensure a premium viewing experience on PS4 and PS5 devices with unmatched scalability.

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Native Video Player

Offer compelling buffer-free video experience with Muvi’s native HTML5 video player. Customizable UI with HLS and DASH-adaptive streaming capabilities, deliver video flawlessly on PlayStation flagships across the geography.

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Joystick Support

Let your users navigate through your application using the PS5 controller. Swifter navigation - no additional configuration.

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Multi-Language Audio

Switching to another language while watching content is as easy as toggling a button, literally. Let your users change the default language of a track wherever they like, whenever they want.

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