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Top 5 Private Video Hosting Platforms for 2022

Sreejata Basu Published on : 31 December 2021


Rampant video piracy has skyrocketed with the rise in video platforms. Broadcasters  are now moving on to private video hosting platforms to ensure their viewers get high resolution videos streamed to them like it was meant to be.  Free online video hosting platforms for creators, come with heavy restrictions on rights to published content, secure hosting, monetization, branding, and more. In this blog, we will elaborate on the best private video hosting services for 2022.


What is Private Video Hosting?

A private video hosting platform ensures businesses to easily upload, manage and securely monetize their videos on the platform. Private video hosting software ensures that your premium content is not easily downloadable and shared among users. 

These are paid platforms, unlike free video hosting platforms like YouTube that provide the security, speed, and consistency broadcasters need to deliver exceptional video playback experiences to their audience.

Private video hosting for businesses leave no space for video piracy and allow content owners to maintain full ownership of their content.




Muvi Flex


Muvi Flex is an enterprise-level cloud video hosting platform offering VoD solution. It is an end-to-end cloud video platform that offers a variety of advanced features like cloud encoding, top-tier delivery, video security, and cross-device playback that enables enterprises to launch a VoD platform instantly, without any coding knowledge.

Muvi Flex is a robust and customizable video hosting platform that allows you to upload, manage and distribute videos and also lets you build responsive video solutions on your apps/websites. Muvi Flex caters to every industry from Ecommerce to Elearning and is best suited for content creators and marketers.

Its built-in multiple monetization options enable content creators to monetize their content by opting from its varied content monetization models including PPV, subscriptions, and AVoD. 


Features of Muvi Flex: 

  • Private video hosting
  • Video encoding and transcoding at multiple bitrates
  • Advanced HTML5 video player supported adaptive bitrate video playback
  • Multi CDN option for a fast, latency-free video delivery
  • High-end video security features like multi-DRM, watermarking, screen record protection and IP restrictions among others
  • Cross-browser and cross-device video playback capability
  • MRSS (Media RSS) that allows you to publish your videos on multiple third party websites
  • Seamless social media integration for all major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. so that you can target all the users of these platforms
  • An advanced CMS with an array of content management features
  • Multiple monetization models that include subscriptions, ad-based and TVoD
  • Integration with most-popular payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, PayU,, etc
  • Full video API integration
  • SDKs for iOS and Android developers


Muvi Flex Pricing

Muvi has multiple pricing tiers for organizations with different sizes and budgets: 

  • Standard: $199 per month + infrastructure fees (includes 1TB of bandwidth and 1TB of storage and 2000 concurrent viewers)
  • Professional: $899 per month (includes 2TB of bandwidth and 2TB of storage, 10000 concurrent viewers, AI-based recommendation engine, and other premium features)
  • Enterprise: $2899 per month (includes 5TB of bandwidth and 5TB of storage, unlimited concurrent viewers, a dedicated server with auto-scaling, and enterprise level support)
  • Ultimate: Custom plan for elite customers including all enterprise level features and premium consulting services





Wistia is a private video hosting platform ideal for marketers. It’s a customizable platform with some robust tools for marketing allowing marketers to create, manage, and stream video content.


Features of Wistia: 


  • Custom video layer
  • Video tools
  • CRM integrations
  • Seo automation
  • Analytics
  • Customizable player
  • Embeddable channels



No China video delivery


Wistia Pricing:

Wistia has a three-tier pricing plan 

  • Free: Up to 250 subscribers and 3 videos; cannot remove 
  • Pro: $99/month, including 10 free videos with additional videos for $0.25/each
  • Advanced: Custom pricing, 100 free videos with additional videos for $0.25/each



IBM Video Cloud


IBM Video Cloud is a video streaming platform packed with features like video hosting, transcoding, and live streaming required for creating a professional VoD platform. The cloud video platform has built-in features from encoding, analytics, security to delivering AI-based automated speech to text. The VoD platform is designed for large organizations and enterprises.


Features of IBM’s Video Hosting Platform:

  • Video encoding at multiple bitrates 
  • Adaptive video player
  • VoD hosting and live streaming
  • Video security features
  • AI-powered captioning services
  • Video analytics 
  • Round-the-clock support system
  • Video monetization including ad-based and subscriptions 



  • Does not support multiple monetization models
  • No built-in SSL secure paywall


Pricing Plans

IBM Video Cloud has a 4-Tier Pricing plan:

  • Silver – $99 per month (includes 1 TB of video storage and 100 viewer hours)
  • Gold – $499 per month (includes 2 TB of video storage and 2000 viewer hours)
  • Platinum – $999/month (includes 5TB of video storage and 5000 viewer hours)
  • Custom – This is a custom solution and one has to contact IBM Cloud video for the quotation.





Brightcove is an old player in the video streaming industry and offers video hosting solutions including cloud encoding, video-on-demand hosting. It also offers live streaming solutions. The Brightcove platform is easy to use and has a lot of pre-built features that make the streaming journey of content creators hassle-free. The company supports all kinds of revenue generation models for online video and is best suited for larger enterprises.


Features of Brightcove’s VoD Platform:


  • Video encoding at multiple bitrates
  • Adaptive streaming
  • Scalable cloud-based transcoding
  • Security features such as DRM, AES encryption, and watermarking
  • Global CDN
  • API-based upload and migration tools
  • Ad-based video monetization



  • High pricing plans are only suited for large enterprises
  • China video delivery is not supported
  • Additional purchase is required for 24X7 support facility


Pricing Plans

The three-tier pricing plan of Brightcove includes:

  • Starter: Includes up to 50 videos and 5 users
  • Professional: Includes unlimited videos and 10,000+ plays with no overage plays and 10+ users
  • Enterprise: Includes unlimited videos, 100,000+ plays with no overage plays, unlimited upload, and analytics-only users





Kaltura’s video platform is known for its customizable feature, offering video hosting services for enterprises. The platform is feature-rich as it incorporates a host of features including video creation tools, a robust CMS, and enterprise-grade security. However, as reported by customers, their pricing policies are quite hefty which makes it only suitable for large enterprises.



Features of Kaltura’s VOD Platform:

  • VoD hosting and live streaming
  • Video encoding at multiple bitrates 
  • Adaptive video player
  • Cloud encoding and transcoding
  • Integrated CMS Module
  • A host of security features
  • Video creation tools
  • Video Metrics and Analytics 


Pricing Plans

Kaltura does not disclose its pricing structure. One needs to contact them for getting customized quotes. Please note that they have different pricing options in terms of their VOD services and Video-Platform-as-a-Service.



  • Kaltura only allows monetization with external integrations.
  • No TVOD, SVOD, or AVOD support
  • Kaltura does not support an SSL built-in paywall
  • Slow uploading


Wrapping Up,

There are many private video hosting platforms available in the industry today. The one you select from this wide range would depend on what features you are looking for, the target audience you want to cater to, and your budget.

Take advantage of Muvi’s Flex’s 14-Day Free Trial to take a test drive of our enterprise-grade video hosting platform.

muvi flex free trial


Written by: Sreejata Basu

Sreejata is the Manager for Muvi’s Content Marketing unit. She is a passionate writer with a background in English Literature and music. By week Sreejata spends her time in the corporate world of Muvi, but on weekends she likes to take short hiking trips, watch movies and read interesting travelogues.

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