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Role of a SaaS Support and Ticketing System

Ishita Banik Published on : 26 May 2021


With the growing number of SaaS businesses, demand for SaaS support and ticketing systems is rising steadily. No matter what the size is, all SaaS businesses need a robust support and ticketing system for its customers. A SaaS support and ticketing system collects, tracks, and streamlines customer support requests through various channels such as emails, chat widgets, phone calls, and others by assigning a unique reference number to each of the customer requests for your SaaS business. In addition, it handles customer requests, complaints, and queries, by cataloging the customer service requests which are called tickets or cases or issues. The tickets raised are important and the point of reference for customers, support team, and the internal engineering team. Hence their role in effective customer support is indispensable. Let’s know how.

  • Managing Customer Support Requests

Your customer support and service reflects your brand and organizational value system. Research revealed that more than 70% of customers don’t like their issues unresolved or an unreachable customer support team while more than half of the customers prefer to have better connectivity with the support team. A SaaS support and ticketing system keeps track of every customer support request and their status with respect to a pre-defined workflow among multiple teams. It routes the customer requests to the respective teams or departments to resolve the tickets quickly on the basis of priority.  A good SaaS support and ticketing system provides an interface to plan, prioritize, communicate, and manage each of your customer support requests seamlessly. 

  • Improving Customer Relationship

Improving customer relationships implies a higher customer retention rate for your SaaS business. A flexible SaaS support and ticketing system can accommodate the needs of each of your customers communicated through emails, chats, phone calls, web requests and others. According to survey, more than 80% of customers don’t like to be treated like just numbers and expect to have proper communication to resolve their support requests. Each ticket serves a specific request which helps you not only cater to each customer quickly in a streamlined way but also keeps the overall support experience hassle-free.



  • SLA Functionalities

Well, not every SaaS support and ticketing system, but definitely the top ones come with SLA (Service Level Agreements) functionalities. SLA is an agreement between the service provider and the user about the terms of services. This agreement highlights the quality standards to be followed by the service provider to ensure customer satisfaction. A customer support and ticketing system with SLA functionalities works wonders in automating the customer requests for multi-level service agreements such as low, medium, high, critical, and others. SLA monitoring software may cost up to US$ 50 per agent. And a SaaS support and ticketing system lowers this cost by taking care of a significant part of it. It lets the customer support team resolve each of your customer queries on time by segregating requests as per the SLAs. Additionally, it helps in SLA Monitoring and reporting by keeping track of how the defined SLAs are being met by your team. By providing SLA metrics report in detail, it enhances the functionalities of the customer support and ticket system manyfold.

  • Managing Workflow 

Workflow management for the customer support team is not a cakewalk. Research says that workflow management may cost over US$ 500 including the workflow management for customer support team. The support and ticketing system for your SaaS business makes it easier. It provides omnichannel support by keeping track of customer support requests, unresolved queries etc. and monitoring the effectiveness of the customer service agents. A SaaS support and ticketing system also offers you a holistic view of your customer service efforts with detailed analytics and  reports. These reports help you fill the gaps in the existing flow and strategize accordingly. 

  • Reducing Operational Costs

Poor customer service often results in losing more customers than you could think of. Without adopting customer support software, you will need more help desk executives who will further increase the operational costs. Integrating a SaaS support and ticketing system not only trims down this cost, but it is better in terms of efficiency. Study shows that customer support and ticketing system increase the efficiency of the customer support team by at least two times.

  • Helping to Provide Round-the-Clock Support

Offering 24/7 customer support can be a tedious job without having an automated ticketing system. Manual effort, more resources, and increasing operating expenses are only the tip of the iceberg. The SaaS support and ticketing system enables your business to offer 24/7 support with efficiency and high agent productivity intact. Statistics say that more than 50% of customers prefer a prompt response or at least the acknowledgement of their support request. And a SaaS support and ticketing system serves them both.

  • Protecting Customer Data 

Do you know, Domino’s India recently got hit by a cyber attack resulting in the data breach of more than 180 Million orders? Larger the number of customers, more the customer data to protect. Security is an important aspect of support and ticketing systems intended at protecting sensitive customer data from possible breach. Ensure all security standards and compliance requirements before purchasing a subscription to any support and security solution. 

Bonus Points

There are always rewards for giving importance to your customers and showing them that they matter. And quality customer service tops the checklist of how to turn customers into life-time subscribers. This drives more word-of-mouth promotion of how they liked your services. 

In a nutshell, SaaS support and ticketing system is pivotal for your SaaS business, as it keeps your customer values on high priority without creating additional overhead for you.

Tattle, a one of it’s kind ticket tracking system from Muvi lets you offer omnichannel support  by collating and tracking multiple tickets from multiple customers and visitors at one place. Tattle offers conversational customer support and an easy-to-track ticketing system which includes managing contact us mails, issuing tracking system, SLA management, user group management, and many more. Tattle will be available for free trial shortly. Register yourself to get notified.

Written by: Ishita Banik

Ishita is a Content Writer with Muvi Marketing Team. Apart from business writing, she is also an acclaimed author of three best seller romantic thriller novels. In 2020, she got featured in The Hindustan Times, a leading news portal as an inspirational Indian author.

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